Wednesday, 29 March 2017


One of my favourite things to do is order myself a takeaway (if you know me personally then this will be no shock to you) and get in bed and watch the Kardashians! I've been a HUGE fan of the hayu service for months now and decided it's time to share my thoughts with you!

hayu is a subscription service, it's a great place to watch all your reality TV favourites! I've been loving binging on the Kardashians in my spare time! You can get the hayu service for £3.99 a month, which is nothing for a month's worth of your favourite shows! hayu is the first all-reality subscription video-on-demand service. You can watch 3000+ episodes of the best reality TV, it's perfect for keeping up with tonnes of your favourites on the same day as the US, which means no waiting around and feeling like you're missing out! ALSO by selecting the mood that you're in whilst browsing though, will show you different things to watch (which is so cool)!

These are 6 amazing shows that hayu have on their service:

hayu is also amazing because you can literally watch it anywhere with their amazing app - so it's so good for keeping you entertained on the go aswell! I've been totally obsessed with their app as for me I'm always travelling, so it's perfect if you're someone like me and need some entertainment on those long haul trips!

Sign up to the hayu service here:

*This post is kindly sponsored by hayu but as always, all opinions are my own*

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