Sunday, 20 August 2017


Ok, this is something a little different but also something I couldn't wait to rave about once I had tried! I have suffered with hay-fever for as long as I can remember and it makes me want to wrap myself into a ball and hibernate during Summer.

I picked up the Optrex eye drops from my local shop the other day, just to give them a try and oh my god - they're amazing! Obviously with hay-fever, everybody is affected in different ways but I am more effected by my eyes... My average morning is pulling my eyes away from each other because they've watered so much during the night (slightly gross, I know)
On the bottle it states that you gently squeeze 1 or 2 drops into each eye, 4 times a day which takes not even 5 minutes of your day and it works wonders! Honestly, if you suffer with hay-fever then I definitely recommend this product! I've been using the eye drops for a week, a long with taking one Piriton a day and It's honestly like I haven't even got hay fever! I've been able to sit outside, go for a walks and actually take time to enjoy the weather!

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