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Things I'd Tell My Younger Self!


I knew I could get your attention with a pre-teen passport photo! hahaha let’s move on.. So let’s get straight to the point, there are lots of things that I’d change how I did things, which I think could be quite beneficial for people reading this because you can learn what not to do or to do!

  1. My first one is don’t leave everything till the night before your deadline, to be honest I didn’t do this all the time but I am one of these people who absolutely hate not being organised and everything I did, I hated it but still continued to do it numerous of times and regretted it so much!

  2. Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve because not everyone is as nice as you are! I think when you’re younger, it is so easy to think that everyone is lovely and all nice and tell everyone your top most secrets but that’s actually not the case and not everyone is as they may seem at first sight/impressions.

  3. I would also say that, if you’re interested in doing something then stick at it! It honestly doesn’t matter what your friends think because in time, they come around and actually support you thought it, well they should do, if they’re good friends! If you like doing it then there is no reason to stop :)

  4. I think it is also really important to remember that it is okay to not know what you want to be! People get SO SO SO stressed out, now a days, thinking about their life as a grown up. Everything works out!

  5. Love is not as important as it seems. It might seem like it is such a big deal at the time, when your boyfriend  breaks up with you and it’s the end of the world but I can guarantee it’s not and in a couple of weeks, you’re back to your normal self. If they come along then they come along, but don’t get stressed out with all the lovely dovey stuff!

  6. ‘Everything is going to be okay’ This is a really famous quote that I really wished that I thought about more and I really have been doing recently. As much as everyone might hate change, it happens and it opens a new chapter in your life - You might not like the change but everything is okay, in the end.. Just give it a bit of time (I’ve had a lot of experience with this, trust me on this! hahaha)

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