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Insecurities & Confidence.

Happy Sunday! Get ready for a very rambly blog post.. I haven’t done one of these in ages, so grab a hot drink and let’s get started! :)

First of all, I’d like to say that everyone in this world would change something about themselves, so don’t think you’re alone! A lot of people don’t like discussing their insecurities, which is also completely normal - but you’d find that, if you did then ALL of your friends would say the same (and if not then they’re lying!)

Being insecure is not a bad thing and you shouldn’t feel ashamed/hide it away. It is a way that we look at ourselves and it is our perception of ourselves, this is not everybody’s perception of us - So, if you look in the mirror and you point out one of your insecurities to yourself then that doesn’t mean that someone else will look at you and dislike what you dislike about yourself. We are all born with the characteristics and looks that we have and I think it’s wonderful, some people choose to change their looks through surgery or through make-up, which I think is fine too but I also think that it is really important to remember who you are and be proud of the life that you lead and the body you were given. I know a few girls who openly say that they hide their looks with make-up and I don’t think anyone should hide what they look like because everyone is different and everyone wants to change something about themselves. Woke up with a spot? It’s completely normal and happens to everyone!

My message is that you should love the skin that you’re in and this may take longer than others but in time, you can feel confident and not worry what people think. Please remember, that we are all human and nobody is perfect and everyone has something that they would change about themselves - You’re not the only one, it is completely normal!

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