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I feel like a lot of peoples advice, when it comes to the topic of bullying is ‘ignore them’ or ‘stand up for yourself’ and that’s great advice but I feel like it leaves, a lot of people thinking 'well, how do I get to the stage where I can ignore them/stand up for myself’ and it might go without saying, but this will take sometime and it’s all about building up self confidence.

Bullying is NEVER okay (shouldn’t have to say this!) but I personally, always think in more depth, around the situation of 'bullies’- Often people 'bully’ others as a kind of shield, so nobody picks on them and so the attention or spotlight isn’t shining on them and I would just like to say - If you are reading this and you openly know that you have 'picked’ on someone, for sake of your own reputation or to look 'strong’ or 'big’, then there are lots of other ways to tell people that you are a strong person, than pick to on someone for anything - and others might even say that bullies are the weakest ones! I also say this a lot, 'Think if you were in that situation and how you would feel’ and to be honest, more times than not, you can see how someone is feeling by their facial and body expressions - so if you’re reading this and you can admit to yourself that you’ve done this, then stop - there is honestly no need for it! Why do you want to make someone feel upset/down? You’re not gaining anything, apart from getting into big trouble at the end of it all - it’s not even 1% worth it!

I would say to all the people that feel like they have been bullied, that think what makes you happy and also, think about what means a lot to you. It is harder than others to do this and it will take some people more time and this isn’t a weakness - bullying effects a lot of people more than others, but it shouldn’t happen at all! The first step that I would 100% suggest is to talk to someone, and this can be anyone that you feel comfortable with telling - and then they can find out what’s been happening and make sure you’re totally open with them, because they are taking time out to get your best interest and to make things happier and more enjoyable for you! These people that are bullying you and making you feel down, aren’t worth your time and it is important to remember this - your friends, your family and the people that mean a lot to you, are the people that are worth your time. Why get upset over people that don’t mean nothing to you? These people are trying to upset you, why let them win? I also find that sometimes, if you don’t show that it is bothering you then a lot of the time, they get bored! Even if it is effecting you, go somewhere else with a friend and away from the person who is picking on you, because eventually they won’t see that it is bothering you and then it will stop!

I really hoped that this post, may of helped you in some way! Remember, that bullies aren’t worth your time and don’t let them win! I hope you have a great week and I’d also like to say, if you’re taking exams this week - Well done for any that you have already done and good luck to any upcoming!

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