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Breakfast Favourite: Granola Served With Greek Yogurt

I have been thinking about what I have been eating lately and trying that extra bit to eat a lot more healthier! I have heard a lot of bloggers and influencers raving about granola but was yet to try it myself, so I went out and brought some and I am SO glad I did! It is so yummy, and it's even a bonus that it's nutritionally good for you (I have been loving the honey and nuts one a lot)

I am not just saying this but since the day that I purchased it - I have had nothing else for breakfast since.. I'm addicted to Granola (Help!?) I have been serving my Granola with organic Greek yogurt and it's such a tasty combination and I really really recommend this as a healthy breakfast idea! I will leave all the links below, if you would like to purchase these delicious items yourself :)

Rude Health Granola:
Organic Greek Yogurt:

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