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The Body Shop Superfood Facemasks Review

this post is not sponsored or paid for by The Body Shop and all opinions are my own :)

Himalayan Charcoal Mask
This was my favourite out of the 3 masks that I was kindly sent from The Body Shop! The Himalayan Charcoal Mask tingles and tightens your skin as it dries after application and it honestly feels AMAZING on the skin! It was very easy to apply and felt so smoothing on the skin, as if it was actually doing something and my skin felt SO soft and moisturized afterwards! I can honestly say that this product has changed my perception of face masks. For me the body shop have elevated the bog standard facial mask and made it into a luxury product.

Ethiopian Honey Mask
I loved this mask for many reasons as it was very light on the skin and it almost didn't feel like I had anything on my skin, the consistency reminded me of a very light hair gel (apart from not being sticky!). However, I am going to go back to the Himalayan Charcoal mask and compare the two together and it didn't make my skin feel as soft as the Himalayan Charcoal one did, and I couldn't really tell that I had applied a face mask after I had removed it. Although whilst applying the mask, I felt like I didn't need as much as the Himalayan Charcoal one as this one seemed to go along way, I think this was down to it being quite a smooth consistency.

The British Rose Mask
After the mask my skin was soft and smooth. I believe that since the mask was moisturising and gel like, my skin looked fresher than before. It also helped to reduce the redness I occasionally get around my eye area. Since the skin is more sensitive on cheeks than other parts of face, it is more irritation prone to stronger ointments. This mask moisturised and gave a nice glow without causing any problems. The only downfall of this mask was the scent - I'm really not a fan of 'flowerly' or 'floral' scents but all the benefits were really spotlighted after applying this mask and I would really recommend it!

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