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A Skincare Pick: Tea Tree Range From The Body Shop

The Body Shop’s Tea Tree range is one of the longest standing blemish fighting skincare ranges in existence. I had the face wash and oil when I was 12/13 and so had countless others before me and countless others after. So let’s welcome some new additions to this timeless family.

All the Tea Tree oil in the range is Community Fair Trade from The Kenya Organic Oil Farmers Association (KOOFA), a co-operative of over 550 small-scale organic farmers near Mount Kenya National Park. Not only are you doing good for your skin, but giving back to the people who helped!

Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser
This has got to be my favourite product in the Tea Tree range that I have tried so far! The foaming cleanser is purifying with Tea Tree and is suitable for blemished skin, which is great for everyone!

From the name, you can easily understand that this is a  foaming cleanser. (Foaming cleanser is a type of cleanser where the actual product is a runny water-like liquid, but comes as a foam when nozzle is pressed.)  I used a pump and a half to wash(or cleanse in this case), my entire face and neck. I first take the foam place it over the effected area for about 20-30seconds. You might find a slight tingling sensation, which is obvious due to the action of tea tree oil, on the area. Then, slightly massage and wash it off with water. It removes all the dirt, when left might cause pore clogging, which in turn result in breakouts.
This is a good option for normal to oily skin types. But, for dry skin types, this might be slightly drying. (My skin is pretty normal. So, I didn’t have this problem). So, people with dry skin must ensure that they follow up a good moisturiser after cleansing.

This does have smell, but the smell isn’t overpowering . I’m fond of the smell, cause I have already tried a couple of other products from this range. The smell isn’t sweet. Its a bit of sour-y type of smell. I felt that its smell is kind of the freshly crushed leaves.(I am bad at describing the smell. So, Please excuse me for that!).

Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner
Mirroring with the review above, this product has to be the my least favourite of the items I purchased in the Tea Tree range at The Body Shop! I loved it the first time I used it but as I used it a few times, I noticed that it was leaving my skin very dry and quite sore, if I'm honest!

It lists alcohol as the second ingredient and also contains a host of other problematic ingredients that won’t improve matters for blemish-prone skin. Alcohol in this amount causes dryness, free-radical damage, and irritation that can stimulate more oil production at the base of your pores. The anti-irritants this contains won’t be of much help due to the irritating ingredients that dull their impact. From experience with this product myself, it works for me if I only use it very rarely because over-use of this product leaves my skin feeling very sore and dry, especially on my t-zone.

Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion
When our skin is dry, we’re tempted to reach for a super-thick lotion and hope our pores don’t get clogged. That’s all about to change. This lotion is lightweight, non-greasy, and enhanced with Community Fair Trade organic tea tree oil from Kenya, which sinks into the skin to provide hydration, oil control, and blemish prevention. So slather it on without thinking twice—and say goodbye to parched skin - this product is lovely on the skin and you can hardly feel it after application, it leaves your skin feeling flawless after first use! The only down fall that I have with this product is the size of the contents because the bottle is very small compared to the other items in the range.. However, saying that - a small bit goes a VERY long way!

*This post is not sponsored by The Body Shop and all opinions are my own!

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