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I had an idea for a post one day when I was sorting out my unwanted clothes and folding them into a bag to send off to charity. Giving to charity is something that I feel is very important and often I think people forget that it's very different in various parts of the world and also people forget that others may come from different backgrounds where they're not as lucky as you and they don't get the things that you may get.

I am very happy to say that I have come from a very loving background where I have had both parents that have been able to work full time and provide for me and my family and to provide the things that we need but growing up and interacting with different people (and also, watching the news!) has learnt me that not everyone has the same opportunities as I did and that makes me feel really sad. These are a few ways that you can make a difference in peoples lives.

1. Donating unwanted clothes
Everybody is aware of those little envelopes that get posted through our doors that often get thrown away with the unwanted free newspapers and spam mail - but these little envelopes can make a huge difference to someone else's life. Whilst you're throwing away that really important envelope, there are clothes of yours that are stashed away in your wardrobe that you haven't worn for years or are too small for you, that even though you probably wouldn't be seen dead in them now, a child in a different country would love to have something warm, especially in these cold and dark months.

2. Shoebox appeal
The lovely team at Samaritans have set up an appeal where you can use old shoe boxes to pack them with kind gifts and clothing to be sent over to someone with less unfortunate circumstances to yourself - you can pack anything in this shoe box from toothbrushes to cuddly toys and I think this is such a lovely gesture and I will definitely be doing it this year. (I know many other charities do this kind of thing aswell but the I am very familiar with the work of the Samaritans team)

3. Supporting and campaigning with charities you love
I know a lot of charities do this and it's where you can sign on to their website and put your name down to be a campaigner and this is basically means you're standing up for that charity and showing your love and support for what they do - this keeps the charity on-going and successful because they know it is helping people and it lets them know that their work is not going unnoticed. 

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