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1. Do not wear your heart on your sleeve - this can be so hard and this is something that I have learnt to try and not do. This world sucks and it's literally every man for themselves and not EVERYONE has your best intentions. Keep the ones you know will be there close and don't forget them when somebody new comes around.

2. Real friends matter - this is something very similar to number one but keep the ones that mean to you very close because they're going to be with you through everything, even times where it's going to be hard.

3. Believe in yourself - this comes with time and a heck of a lot of self esteem but trust that you're doing the right thing for all the right reasons and don't let anybody hold you back.

4. Hold onto your dreams - don't let anyone knock you back! It doesn't matter what your dream is, grab it with BOTH hands and hold onto it (it's reachable!). Be determined and be focused and everything will fall in your favour.

5. Trust your instinct - you know when something isn't right and when something isn't then you need to change that for yourself. Be selfish, it's your life.

6. Be happy with your own skin - as humans we are always faulting ourselves if that's not the job we're in, then it's how we look in todays outfit. Learn to love the body you have because we're stuck with it, so embrace what you got!

7. Have time for yourself - me time is the most important time. Pop your earphones in, go for a walk or rest your eyes and listen to your favourite songs. Me time is healthy and everyone should be experiencing it. It gives you time to think, lets you become one again. Gather your thoughts and embrace the day you've previously had. Take everything in.

8. Nobody is ugly - Everybody on this earth is individual and has their own key features. I know everyone says this but if everyone was the same then the world would be so bloody boring! You might wake up everyday and look in the mirror and think you're ugly and tell yourself the same thing everyday but you're not. Don't think too hard about things that nobody else notices, be you.

9. Not everyone is nice - although it may not be possible to be physically ugly, some people unfortunately have a ugly soul, avoid these people. If you suspect someone has ugly intentions then throw them away and don't feel guilty about it, you're worth better.

10. Appreciate what you're blessed with - take time to watch the sun rise and set, take time to thank your parents for everything they've done for you and hold on to the good things you have. Just like the sun, trust that you will see light when times seem so be so dull and dark, just like flowers you can bloom into something amazing and so beautiful. Even though times may seem hard right now, it won't be like that forever.

11. Don't stress - the deadline you struggled to meet, the relationship falling down. Everything works out eventually and I am guilty of this myself but things that we worry about today will be a burden in our daily life soon, this is something that is very important to remember. Each of us have our own problems but they will only ruin our day, if we let them.

12. Don't compare yourself to others - your rate of success is just as significant as the next persons. I once heard a saying, "don't compare your chapter one to somebody else's chapter 10" and this is so correct. We are all at different stages and that's okay.

13. Actions speak louder than words - show your friends you appreciate them, although we don't do it for that reason, it's nice to feel like your kindness isn't going unnoticed.

14. Listen to the story of others - sometimes it's very soothing to hear somebody else talk to you about a similar situation that you're going through yourself, you can learn a lot from their experiences and how they overcome their experience.

15. Jealousy is not a good trait - If someone else is drowned with success whilst you're soaking up every little bit of success you get then be happy for them, don't be sour. Don't have a ugly heart. Good things come to every single one of us.

16. Don't feel pressured to grow up - hold on to that inner child take it to every fun aspects of your life, you will enjoy it a lot more. Don't let society put that pressure on you either.

17. Don't let the older generation bring you down - our generation is a lot different to how our older generation lived. Don't let them bring you down for making friends online, it's a whole new world and it should be embraced.

18. Make a note of your thoughts - I am currently writing this at 00:56. Let yourself stay up, even though you know you shouldn't and make a note of your late night thoughts. You may want to reflect upon these someday.

19. This brings me onto my last point - don't feel scared or embarrassed to question things. If something doesn't feel right, question it. If you don't understand something in your revision classes, question it. We all need help, it's human.



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