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1. Going to an interview can be a scary time, especially not knowing what the interviewee will ask you. I remember going to my first interview and feeling so unprepared of what I was going to say. Making notes can really help you, I wouldn't really advise that you sit and read them whilst in the interview process but make a few notes and have a little look at them a few days before to refresh your memory :)

2. Knowing history about the brand is important because this will tell the interviewee that you're genuinely already quite passionate and a honest fan, why would you want to work for a brand that you don't like? You wouldn't! It's fine if you don't know any knowledge of the brand yet, you have time to research (When the brand was founded and who founded it, any charities they support etc)

3. Dressing appropriately will be something that your interviewee will see as soon as you meet them - first impressions count, especially when this person decides if you get the job or not. I'd always recommend that you dress smart and make yourself look presentable.

4. Staying calm is a MUST. You don't want to walk into the room and sound like you're nervous because they may take this as you're not prepared. Refer back to your notes before they call you into the room, just so you have a brief idea on how you are going to answer your questions, obviously you don't know what they're going to ask you but it may help you be a little more prepared.

5. Your interviewee could possibly be interviewing 3-4 other people on the same day as you, so make yourself stand out by being polite and friendly, they're not going to employ someone that they don't get along with as they've got to work with you.

6. There is always a time in an interview where the interviewee will ask you if you have any questions.. ALWAYS ask one. This shows them that you're keen and confident and have already thought about things you'd love to find out.

7. Looking at your interviewee is something that a lot of people find hard but it shows a lot to them, it will show confidence which is great for ALL jobs and also it shows that you know what you're on about. Keep friendly eye contact and don't be looking at other things around you or down onto your lap, eye contact helps keep a connection and a easy flow of conversation!

8. Which job are you applying for? Make sure you have researched what roles are expected from you within the role and mention how your skills can be adapted to fulfil the role you're applying for on the day.

9. Being late for an interview is not going to give a good punctual impression, leave 15 minutes spare in case you get lost in the way or if something cocks up. It's always better to be early than late and I'm sure there's a coffee shop around the corner, if you're way too early aha!

10. They want to be picking out the right person for the specific role, so why not highlight your success from other roles you've done previously?! Did you get a certificate for doing something the best? Have you done something that not a lot of people have? Don't be scared to brag about the other amazing opportunities you've been involved with because it will show that you have passion for what you do and that you strive for success!



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