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Hello, Good Afternoon! I made a big promise to myself in 2017 that I was going to NOT stress! I'm the kind of person whose mind runs wild and whose mind is way too in front of itself.. for example: I'm literally two hours early for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING (my friends would definitely agree!) and I know multi-tasking is something that everyone wants an A* grade in, but isn't it lovely to focus on one big important factor of your life.. Yourself?

One of the biggest tips I would give is definitely easier said than done: stop stressing over small things! I say this WAY too often but is it actually the end of the world? Really think about that. In a years time, is it going to effect your everyday life? Sometimes it's great to just stop and put your life into perspective and question how you're feeling.

Another thing that I believe is so important is taking your time and using your time to suit you. Take a bath, go for a run or even out for a meal with friends! I don't mean taking your mind off everything altogether, because it's great to be doing things that you enjoy but I just mean having time to yourself: not replying to that really important e-mail to enjoy an hour in the bath and make yourself feel good again! This one is definitely worth trying out.

Also, another thing could be a particular someone making you feel stressed or unhappy, so what do you do? Eliminate. This life is for you to make it what you want it to be. Ask yourself if that's the reason, I know that if someone asked me to jot a list of names of people that have made me feel anxious then I could happily do it and most of the time, it's not fault of their own. Some people just do and that's fine. If someone is adding to your stress and can't eliminate them right now, at least keeping them at arms length could improve your well-being and happiness massively. And also if someone is being negative or nasty and putting their stress on you, then they normally have something going on in their own life.

Lastly but no means least! Prioritise. Us as humans have so much going on in our lives, we simply can't fit EVERYTHING in and not finishing an assignment or any piece of work can easily start playing on our minds, so prioritise important tasks and events! This is a big step forward.

Finally! Don't dwell on the past because unfortunately, we can't go back and change anything that's happened, so why overthink about something you can't do anything about?

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