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I think it's bout time that bloggers and other social media influencers stand up for themselves and their peers. There's always so much negativity when it comes to bloggers. I also think for maybe someone who writes a blog as a hobbie, they don't actually know what goes into running a self-made business. I am not one for controversee, in fact that's actually the last thing I am but there's so much I'd like to say.

I've kind of had enough with being embarrassed to tell people I'm a blogger because a lot of people just don't get it, so I want this post to enlighten that geographic. There are so many professionals, such as journalists in the 'traditional media' that don't like the fact that social media influencers exist but this is the NEW era and I totally understand that it could all easily change but for right now, it works. It's a self-taught, boundary-less system and I feel like there's a lot of underline jealousy roaming around traditional media because they don't like this.

It's a true and honest creative platform but just because someone has a post with 'AD' in it or has a sponsorship declaration at the end of the post doesn't mean anything. Bloggers, Youtubers and other influencers are only ever going to take on work that is relevant to their brand. You can't fake a personality because it definitely shines through and this is what is so beautiful about it.. It's real.

It's an amazing achievement to myself that I've done this. Yes, I do think it's crazy that you can potentially make a living out of something you love so much. Also, I do think its very highly expected for people to ask questions or ridicule when you do anything that is outside the 'traditional spectrum'.

Yes we do get paid, just like a model does to have photoshoots. Yes, we haven't studied years at a university (which many people don't even use) I think that's why it's so much more amazing because it's ALL SELF TAUGHT. If you reduce it down to that then, why are we different to a model being paid to model or a journalist being paid to write an article? It is of course legitimate work and I work 7 days a week blogging, as well as my other job (which is part time) creating content for this platform and my other social media platforms - so yes, getting paid to me is very legitimate.

(Most) influencers will only work with brands they truly believe in, or if there is a message or campaign they'd love for you to hear about and like I said earlier in this post, you can't fake a personality when you have a very public achieve that people can look back on, if someone doesn't wear make-up, then why are they collaborating with a make-up brand? People DO clock on to these things and THEY WILL. I can talk for myself when I say this, influencers will turn down opportunities that don't fit in with their brand. It's so exciting working with an established brand and I hope after reading this, you understand and are happy that these things happen. I'm also sure that you'd rather watch a 30-second RELEVANT sponsored message than a irrelevant sponsored message that Google puts up about car insurance or PPI. It's also important to notice how many sponsored posts an influencer actually does, compared to what isn't sponsored. You've all probably heard about the 'millions and billions of pounds' that bloggers earn and I personally don't like to talk about my earnings, it's not a secret but I just don't. 

Just try and be happy if an influencer is excited about working on a campaign with their favourite brand because I'm sure you'd be just as excited if it was you! I can tell you now, what amazing feeling you get when a brand contacts you and tells you how much they love your content and that they want to work with you and of course, you'd want to share it with as many people as you can. Obviously I'm going to be totally honest, there are people that take the piss and I don't want to be in the same category as I work so hard to make this all work and I can't tell you how eternally grateful I am.

Nobody knows where any of this is going but for now, it's amazing. I hope this gave you a bit of an insight. We've made something off our own backs and that deserves respect, if you ask me.

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