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My days have recently become fairly hectic, even most Saturdays have ran away from me these few past months! But I have a morning rule.. they're mine to enjoy, I see it as a chill out session before I DIVE into the days work.

My 8 Steps Before The Dive:
1. Wake up after snoozing my 6:30 alarm for the 823893th time.
2. Throw on my COMFIEST pyjama bottoms and grab my lifetime devoted friend (my iPhone?)
3. Head to the kitchen and grab a juice or a caffeinated cuppa'!
4. Prepare a simple (but tasty) breakfast that made getting out of bed that lil' bit easier
5. Spend a good 20-25 minutes of repetitive scrolling through my Twitter feed
6. Start feeling more awake (finally!)
7. Fall into that dark hole of binging on gender reveal videos (we all do it)
8. Realise my time is up, and the day must commence!

I think it's so important to have a routine because it kind of puts your life into perspective and gets your body into a routine, I know so many people my age who literally have such a weirdly functioning body clock - I've recently been trying to sleep at a reasonable time and keep that time to the same kind of time every night, meaning that I'll wake up at around the same time as well. Before getting myself into a routine, I literally use to be so tired before midday had even came round and this made me feel drained and I use to think it was down to not eating well enough, and in fact it was just to not having a healthy sleeping routine as my body didn't even know what to expect.. That's how I see it anyway. Getting yourself into the 'working' mood is also a big requirement for our day and who the hell can do that on a rubbish nights sleep?

I've also found it so interesting to whack' on the Sleep Cycle app on my phone, before I get myself into bed, it analyses your sleep pattern, which I've found to be so interesting (it also makes you keep off your phone, so it makes you fall asleep even easier.. no distractions!) - you should check it out!

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