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Just a little disclaimer before I start: this post will include spoilers, so if you haven't watched it all and want to then, I'd advise you to stop reading now aha!

In today's post, I will be talking about all things 13 Reasons Why. If you're not familiar with the show, it's on Netflix and it has taken over my life! 13 Reasons is a triggering show and can be for many different reasons - I'm also going to leave a link underneath this post, if you need support on any of the issues raised within the show.

So, let's get started. One of the biggest questions I personally have is, what happened to Alex? And I do definitely think he shot himself and I also noticed that one of the last things we saw him do was clean his room, and this is also one of the last things that we saw Hannah do before killing herself, so I found that so interesting. I've saw a lot of people on Twitter discussing the fact that maybe Tyler killed him but I don't think he did at all.. I can see why people would think this because in the final couple of episodes, we see Tyler with lots of guns, and also because the clip where Tyler has got pictures hung up of everyone involved in the tapes, he takes Alex's down but I think this is because he feels like he has learned his lesson as they were quite nice to each other the previous couple of episodes.

I've also saw a few discussions online about Clay's flashbacks which I really want to talk about - people have been discussing how Clay's flashbacks aren't actually what happens and it's just his kind-of imagination/interpretation of what happened but I honestly don't think this is right because there were so many things that happened within the flashbacks that Clay didn't like at all, so why would he have put things which he didn't like, in his own head?

Another conspiracy theory that I've heard (I'm not sure if this is conspiracy theory, I don't even know what is classed as a conspiracy theory) is that at the end of episode 12, we see someone in the back of an ambulance and he's described as a 17 year old boy but nobody knows who it is, and then at the end of episode 13 we found out that Alex had shot himself supposedly 'in the head' so everyone just presumes the person in the back of the ambulance was Alex.. BUT if you look closely, the person in the back of an ambulance has brown hair and not the typical bleach blonde hair which Alex has and his hair is quite distinctive, so it's quite hard to believe - although, it could have been a mistake which they didn't think anyone would notice, I don't know but I would of thought that because his hair is so distinctive, they would have got a bleach blonde hair stunt double, but then again.. Everyone would know who it was then, so I don't know (this all sounds so confusing, I know aha!). But then again, the other theory is that it could of been someone with brown hair.. So then you're looking at Justin, Bryce (and I'd just like to point out, one of the last things we see happen between Justin and Bryce is Bryce saying something like "I'll see you around" and then Justin replies with "Maybe you won't", so that could mean that Justin said that because he killed himself OR because he's going to kill Bryce).

Can we just quickly talk about Courtney (welcome to unpopular opinions) BUT I LOVE HER! Don't get me wrong, what she did at the start was so wrong (I can't remember exactly what she did but she made up some lies about something) BUT a lot of people hate her more than Bryce.. HOW?! What he did was obviously disgusting. I think Courtney is so self conscious, like I sense that from her and I just feel so sorry for her. I don't think with something like 13 Reasons Why, you can really have a favourite episode because it's kind of like each episode gives you a kind of clue to finding out the truth and it's literally like a puzzle and you gradually get told more and more crucial information.

I CANNOT WAIT for the next season, I read their announcement on Twitter earlier today about there being a season 2 and I was like... OMG YES! I can't wait to see what Hannah's parents do with the tapes or what Mr Porter does with the tapes and also what happens to the rest of the cast. I think it would of been really interesting to see an alternative ending and seeing what happened if Hannah survived it. I just also want to talk about Mr Porter really quickly, I think he keeps the tapes to himself (I think that's the smartest thing he could right now, to be honest) because he already discussed with his wife how he was worried about losing his job and I honestly don't think he feels guilty at all, but then again.. Hannah's parents have the tapes now anyway, so they could easily report him themselves and I do think they will as well.

The only thing that I got confused about was why Clay was actually on the tapes because on 'his' tape, Hannah says something a long the lines of the fact that he wasn't actually one of the reasons but she just wanted him to hear the tapes for himself, but if he was actually a reason, I definitely don't think he deserved to be one at all because he was always so lovely to her. It took me about 3 days to watch the whole season and this was purely because I was so in grossed in what was going to happen next! I loved the ending. I've heard that the author actually did an alternative ending where Hannah tries to kill herself, but ends up in a coma instead and then once everyone had listened to the tapes, she wakes up but I'm honestly so glad that they went with the ending that they did because it's so raw and real, but it would have been interesting to see what would happen if she did come back and if anyone from her school would have been nicer to her, knowing what she tried to do (I mean, I doubt her parents would have sent her back to that school, but you never know)


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