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I'm going to talk about something today that a lot of bloggers have at some point in their blogging years I'd say I've been going through mine these few weeks - although I've still been posting every week, I've found it hard to get new/original ideas and it worried me when questioning myself, If I'd never back into my blogging 'mojo' again. I recently reached 100,000 views on here, which can I just say is INSANE! I'm honestly so so so grateful and also gobsmacked that 100,000 people in this world have visited my little blog, I cannot thank you enough! But anyways, it's given me so much motivation to keep working hard and I know it's not all about views and I agree, it's not.. But it makes me feel so happy that so many of you are enjoying my content because never in ONE MILLION YEARS would I have imagined that it would of gone this far, like I always thought this would never happen to me!

Here are a few tips on getting back on track with blogging!

1. Promote yourself - this is number one for a reason and that's because I think people are often scared to share their online spaces with people that they know in the real world because judgement is such an unexpected thing and often you don't know how people are going to react but sharing your work and what you love to do with people, can make such a huge difference because you're sharing what you love to do with the world - don't hide it away!

2. Get inspiration - we all have people we look up to you and yes, it's not good to compare but sometimes I think it actually is.. Because if you can see that your favourite blogger/celebrity is working hard and is in a great position that you'd like to be in one day, then this can strive you to work hard and carry on! Anything is possible, if you work hard (remember that!)

3. Don't force a post - everybody has those days where we're in a world of our own.. We're humans, we're allowed to be! Let yourself have days off and always remember that you aren't MADE to put a post up. Make sure you're happy with everything you publish online and if not.. Delete it! This is your space, make it how YOU want it to be. You don't need to keep up anything that you're not happy with :)

4. Blogging shouldn't be competitive - this is kind of going against my second point, but all these points can be relevant to different people in different ways. Don't look at someone's view count and envy what they have.. Be happy for them! Just like you'd like someone to be happy for you, if you reached an amazing milestone or if you're working with an amazing brand - I did a 'rant' all things blogging, check it out > here! <

5. Schedule - if you're anything like me then being organised is key! I find that the Calendar app has became my best friend, especially when it comes to planning posts. Input your meetings in, make sure you know what you're doing on each day because if you do this then you kind of mentally get prepared for what's coming up in your daily agenda.

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