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The first thing that I want to say is that I try and be as raw and honest as I possibly can online. I think about this a lot but there are so many young and impressionable young people that see an image online and believe it. I just want to put a message out there that not everything you see online is how it exactly looks.

When you look at your phone, a chemical called Dopamine is released and gives you a very addictive and happy feeling - when you see someone has liked your Instagram post, you get that sense of popularity, acceptance and validation and I feel like in this day, we are all very consumed by what others think of us. In this generation, if a child came last in a race then they would get an award along with the actual winner to make it 'fair' but I don't think that is teaching anyone what the real world is like at all.

Growing up on social media kind of brainwashes you in a way to become a very anti-social person and I can admit that I do this myself, and I said to my friend the other week, I went to my friends and we were all just sitting on our phones and not even talking and it's so weird when you put it into perspective but it's become such normal behaviour. Another example is when you walk into a restaurant and they'll be different families at each table but I'd say a strong 60% will be sat with their heads down looking at their phones and it's almost like, what's the point?

I think it's fair to say that as a generation, we are so used to making friends and talking to people online, so when it happens in real life, we almost don't know what to do. Social anxiety is becoming such a common factor these days because people don't know how to connect with other human beings in real life and I think this is partly down to the fact that we have so much control over how we portray ourselves online, for example you can edit your photos, you can filter your photos and you can delete an Instagram or a tweet whenever you want but everything we say in real life is irreversible and I think that worries people. Social media is a cut version of our lives and we can choose what we share with people. There is no backspace or edit button in real life. A big part of my life is obviously my blog, my 'business' but some people don't even know where the 'off' button is when it comes to their phone. By the way, everything I'm talking about, I am also soooo guilty of but I've been thinking about this stuff a lot lately and it's really opened my eyes.

Social media can also be so toxic to our self worth when it comes to comparison. Think about the times that you have looked at someone's Instagram and questioned yourself on how they have such a perfect life and I honestly find this so sad that it's come to that. It's so sad that we can't just accept us, for us. We have such low self esteem as a generation and we have grew up surrounded by what the media has portrayed as 'perfect people' and the 'perfect life' because we've grew up with magazines, televisions and social media. But social media for me, is even worse because it's a real person that you're comparing yourself to and I do this myself, I look at other bloggers and see them doing so well and I'm unbelievably happy for them but it does make you question things and it does make you think but that has become so natural and normal for us humans.

I could be in the most terrible most but I will get dressed just to take an Instagram and then get back in my pyjamas? And that's just so wrong (LOL). Nobody is going to post a picture or a part of their life that they don't like or they're not happy with but then they might wake up the next day and share how healthy their breakfast is.

Everything is just so instant now-a-days, even dating?! People moan that nobody takes anyone out for dates anymore but that's because all it takes is a right swipe on Tinder and they've got you, there's no chase. We've all become very instant and very inpatient, if we want something, we want it NOW, we want replies NOW, we want it NOW. So when people take longer to reply (I'm super guilty of this myself, I might not reply for hours and this could make someone think all kinds of things like, Eddie doesn't like me, Eddie finds me annoying etc. And it's not any of that, I'm just busy and people are busy)

I really wish and want the social media world to become way more raw and honest.. I'm definitely going to be! I know the fitness side have started to be more honest with their audience, for example showing pictures of them being bloated because their audiences will look at that and think "I'm like that too" and feel as they can relate instead of comparing themselves and that's so nice.

There are so many different types of people in OUR generation. The message I wanted to share is that what you see someone post on social media is what they CHOOSE to post and it's not 100% them. None of us see every minute of someones life, so we don't know how unhappy someone actually could be, we don't know if they fight every second of the day with their boyfriend/husband! Nobody knows what happens after a photo is taken or after a video is cut and that's very important to remember.

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