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I recently had the opportunity to host my very own chat over on Twitter where I spoke with other bloggers about working and approaching brands. This was a great chance for me to bring bloggers together to share their own tips and tricks! Something that came to my attention during the chat was how so many bloggers aren't familiar with media kits or some didn't know what one was. I'm in no way a expert on blogging but I've picked up some things along the way that I really would love to share with you all.

Some of you may be sitting and reading this being so confused, so let's start from the top! A media kit is basically a document with everything a brand needs to know about you or your blog before considering a collaboration. I've been asked quite a lot in the past 'how do you make yourself noticed to brands?' and one of my biggest tips is definitely a media kit. I think every blogger should definitely have one, it's an essential for me. The website I use to make mine is called Canva and this is purely down to the fact that I've heard it's the easiest platform (I'll be honest aha!) and it's great as you can go back and edit your media kit as you choose to! This is very useful as you're going to need to update your stats each month. A media kit is essentially a huge way that you sell yourself to a brand. So if you've gained 1,000 views one month then it's important that the brand knows this information.

A media kit helps you stand out from the crowd so don't be scared to feel pushy or sound 'big-headed'. Remember that brands get hundreds of e-mails daily from bloggers, so you're going to want to make yourself stand out from the rest.

You need to give all the vital information about yourself as well - so make sure you include your name and blog name. Brands also like to put a face to a name! Are you a lifestyle, beauty or fashion blogger? This is also so important to include as they're going to want to know if their brand actually fits your content and targeted audience. Why should a brand work with you? What do readers expect when they visit your blog? I think you'd be so shocked at the amount of bloggers that don't even include their contact details on their blog which is crazy to me - it needs to stand out and be as clear as possible! Same goes for Twitter bio's and Instagram business accounts. When it comes to media kits, make sure all your social media pages are listed WITH stats. You could even add your DA score which you can check using the site here. It's good to include your monthly blog views too.

I've also included some of the previous brands I've worked with because I personally think this shows you know what you're doing and other established brands have obviously trusted you in the past to work with you and this also shows you're experienced which is obviously important to brands as they're going to want to be working with someone who is reliable. Collaboration options is a must for me! For example, giveaways with a brand, sponsored posts, product reviews or social media posts! You need to declare in your media kit what type of collaboration you're willing to do because not everyone will be doing all.

And finally.. Show off your photos! This is your chance to show the brand what you can do. Grab some of your favourites and spread them out across your media kit. This can be anything from product photos to outfit of the days!

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