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So I'm back, hello! I've been super busy with other things I'm involved with away from my 'online shit' and my blog has took such a back-burner in my life lately but I'm so happy to be back. Honestly, how is it September already? If I'm honest, I've been waiting for this time of year as it's one of my favourites and Halloween isn't too far away so I'm feeling very content. As I'm writing this, it's currently 01:17am on the 8th September (my birthday woop) and I always take birthdays as a good time to reflect  on everything that's happened between my last birthday and today.

So I thought it would be a good idea to list and talk through some of my goals that I'd like to achevie whilst fading into my early 20's. Here we go

1. On a serious note, I want to be way more productive. This sounds major broad and vague. A lot of people say that you shouldn't even make goals or aims but it's exactly the way I get stuff done for myself. Regularly suffocating myself in my bedroom on days where I plan to do blogging and admin has proven not to be the most successful, you'd be surprised how your environment can effect your work so much. The days where I use to take myself to a coffee shop and get everything I needed to get done are the days I miss and majorly need to get back. I'm making huge progress when it comes to sorting out my sleep schedule and pattern and by Christmas I want to be in a strong mind sense.

2. I desperately want to stop worrying about my future. I constantly put pressure on myself for a successful year which it's proven to be quite challenging which I may talk about in the future. I want to breakthrough the unrealistic expectations and goals that I drill into my mind because that's so unhealthy for anyone, especially when it gets you down because everyone's life moves at it's own pace and we should definitely be embracing every step we succeed in and not just the end product; essentially where we want to be.

3. On the brighter side, I want to experience new places which will hopefully will encourage me to grab my camera out a lot more to help my desire to fill my blog with images that make me happy and capture more of my life.

That concludes everything for now and I hope you enjoyed this chilled post! I'm honestly so happy to be back.

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