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Wow. I've just woke up and did my usual social media checks before starting the day properly and finally getting out of bed and I've hit 200,000 views. I'm actually slightly lost for words. I cannot describe how thankful I am. I'm so thankful for you all and also for all of the opportunities I've had and the people I've met through this little blog that I created in my room one day when I was bored.

When starting my blog in 2014, I didn't even think about hitting 100 views and when I eventually did, I was gobsmacked.. So you can probably imagine how overwhelmed I'm feeling right now. It's strange because before creating my blogger profile to start my blog, I use to watch a lot of Youtube videos about certain people hitting milestones and I use to think how crazy it is and now it's happening to me. Every milestone that my blog has, I think that it's going to stop there but it never does and it's carried on growing and growing and that is slightly scary (not gonna lie!) but I'm also excited.

This post is probably going to be really short but I just want to say thank you, thank you for reading my blog because it honestly makes me so happy. I love having this little space where nobody can set the boundaries for me and I set my own rules and write about exactly what I want to write about. That is an amazing feeling for me.

I can't say it enough but thank you! Thanks for all the continuous support. I love every single one of you.
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