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Hello! It's been a while that we've had a chat hasn't it? I've been looking forward to writing this post as I haven't spoken to you all in a while and I feel like I've lost touch with my audience and that makes me sad, to be honest. I wanted to do this because I feel as some of you may have noticed that my schedule has been a bit all over the place lately and I wanna update you all about what's been going on! I also desperately want to get back on track with blogging and content creating. I was involved with something outside of blogging a few months ago that took up a lot of my time and I just haven't been able to get back into a solid routine that I had before (which sucks but it's going to change)

I want to talk about something which has took a toll on me recently, I don't want to go in depth about it because it's very personal to me and my family but sometimes unexpected things happen and you have to take time out in order to find yourself again and that's exactly what I've been doing these last couple of weeks. I've been coming to terms with changes within my family life which I never thought would actually happen. I just want you to know that taking a break from things can give yourself time to adjust and we all need to take a break now and again (and that is perfectly okay)

Also recently, I have been CONSTANTLY tired to a point where I do something as little as clean my bathroom and I'm literally dragging myself to bed straight afterwards because it's took all my energy, I'm in the process of making a doctors appointment to try and see what the problem is so I can sort that out because it's not even as if I don't sleep because recently that's all I have been doing, which just makes me feel like absolute shit so I definitely want to sort that out as soon as possible (as I know too much sleep isn't good either but I just haven't been able to stop myself aha!)

This was a very quick post just to keep you all in the loop and let you know that I am here and haven't abandoned my blog and I'm still very much alive n well! Blogging is something that I enjoy so much and I never want to put it to the back of my mind and I haven't to be honest, it's been getting me down and all I've thought about (when I haven't been sleeping that is!) but I never want any of you to think that I have discarded it because it's something I love so much and also something I work so hard on!

There will be a new post Sunday! And remember that none of us have been trained to expect the unexpected and sometimes things get to much and that's okay, we're human. It's OK to take time out for yourself. Head space is so important




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