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From time to time, I think it's really important to remind ourselves what's really important in our lives because with apps like Instagram and other social media platforms, we are constantly surrounded by popularised individuals online and that can be daunting for maybe many of you reading this. We are suffocated by this 'perfect' life that is inflicted on everyone online.

The 'perfect' life consists of lots of money, a big house, a successful career and lots of gold, but what do we have? I'm going to be straight with you here by saying that I am so guilty of this myself but it's OK to look up to these people because you as in yourself want to be successful but don't get overwhelmed and envy of what other people have because that just gets you no where and you gain nothing. You should never be comparing your life to somebody else's life as there is always somebody who has something that you don't have but equally you will have something that somebody else doesn't have. It's just the way life works and something that us humans have to agree to.
The point I wanted to make in this post was that it's okay to have inspiration and to have somebody you look up to that you find interesting and you would love to be in their position one day but always remember where your home is and where you got brought up and never get caught up with the things you see certain people owning online because it's not real life. Take a step back to appreciate everything you have because I can guarantee that somebody has it so much harder. We all have down moments (even Beyonce!) and it's important to remember that it's normal and real life. It's refreshing to remember that the celebrities in the press seem like they have the perfect life because they have lots of money and they're always smiling but not everything is publicised and just because somebody has 'fame' doesn't mean that they don't get sad and EVERYONE in this world has bad days and you only ever see bits of somebody's life that they want you to see, not the bits that they don't want you to see.

Appreciate your family and tell them you love them because it's always nice to remind them that behind dark clouds, there's a sunshine and everything gets better. It's normal to have bad days.



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