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I've been wanting to write a post like this for a while but found it quite hard when putting pen to paper to get the message I intended to come across, so let's give it another go! I've read a load of posts on this and it has given me such inspiration to write my very own. I just want to start by saying that I was totally oblivious when I started blogging when it came to making money through it, neither did I know anything about PR or PR gifting. I love blogging and I always have done, if I didn't then I wouldn't do it and it's honestly as simple as that. I started it because I have a genuine passion for many things and I wanted somewhere to share it.. I never expected anyone to read it at all.

Accepting sponsored work is always something that is regularly rumoured or questioned about to people outside the industry and I'd like to say that I actually turn down more sponsored work than I accept and I will only ever write about things that I genuinely love or would use myself. Anyone who knows me personally knows exactly what I like and knows what I don't like! However, I always love hearing from brands as it lets me discover new ones that aren't so loud than others. I am so very grateful that my genuine trait has never been questioned but I also think it's so wrong when people's genuineness is put in the firing line. Although it's never happened to me, I've saw so many tweets claiming people don't like the brands they are being paid to write for? That's ridiculous. I can write a full post about a brand that I genuinely love and be paid but equally I can write a full post about a brand I genuinely love and not be paid - does it matter? No. I'm such an honest person and I can speak for myself and the lovely bloggers I know when I say this: I will never write about a product or service that I wouldn't genuinely use myself. I give 110% when it comes to my blog and I work for hours everyday doing it.

I think it's amazing that brands contact bloggers like myself with opportunities and I think it's something to be celebrated! Even when it's a brand I've never heard of myself, it's amazing that they trust myself/other bloggers to be the first to give it a go and the first ones to be talking about it. I'm going to be honest, it's so obvious when someone is 'in it for the money' but I can tell you hand on heart, not me! Bloggers and other people in the industry work very hard to get where they are - why're we going to waste our time talking about something we don't like? Ask yourselves that. No matter what you see on Twitter or what you think, I just want you to know that you will only ever get genuine content from myself all over my channels, not just my blog. Thank you for always being so loyal and lovely!

Finally, I just want to say thank you a hell of a bunch for your continuous support. I'm so grateful. Thank you so much.


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