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Whenever I meet someone and tell them that I'm a blogger, the first thing I always get asked is 'how much do you earn?' and I don't find it rude but it is quite intrusive but I want to be more open about things that I'm doing and one of the things that people aren't so open about is how money money they earn or where their income is coming from and of course, I would never sit here and give you an exact figure however I think it's really interesting for people to know, especially people who want to get into blogging, the way it essential works is that if someone has 1 million views on a blog post then they would earn from £1,000 up to £5,000 on that certain post. My first tip that I would say and I've heard 90% of people in the industry also say this: do not start it because of the money, even as appealing as the figures sound. You need to have the passion and the drive to keep on doing this off your own back because there is nobody to sit there and force you to post - the effort has gotta come from you. Also, it comes across so obvious if someone is doing something purely for the press releases and money.

Affiliate Marketing is the main way I generate an income through my blog and this is essentially where you advertise products or sales for brands and receive a certain amount of commission for sales you drive to their website. The little ADs on the side of my blog drive traffic to the brand's website which they can see it's came from my blog, therefore I will receive so much percentage of the money they made through that sale, I also think it carries on for a few days - so if you go back onto that website then it will still be tracked back to my blog. Adsense is also very similar to this but Google will place appropriate advertisements around your website for  the kind of content you create on your platform, instead of you building the individual ads in the blog yourself and Adsense used to be the main way people earn money through blogs but it is now not as high paying as it use to be and not a lot of bloggers bother with it as much but it is still a revenue stream for online creators. 

Sponsored posts are now the way that bloggers make quite a big 'lump sum' and that's just essentially a big value of money for their work but this also depends on the bloggers influence and how big their audience is. Most online bloggers and youtubers have something called a Media Kit which is where you basically sell yourself to a brand that you'd like to work with. Often the brand will provide the budget but sometimes they will ask the blogger to discuss their own fees that they think their exposure is worth. Sponsored posts are great and it's amazing that bloggers can work with brands they love and also earn money from it. I personally don't do a lot of sponsored posts and as I have said in a previous post, I actually turn down most of the offers I get sent and this is just because I don't want to overload my content with paid work. I enjoy doing this for free, I don't mind not earning money from posts but when a brand I exceptionally love contacts me then of course I'm going to grab it with two hands - I find it exciting, so why not?

Just a little disclaimer to end this post off, this was not me bragging in any way shape or form - a lot of people are interested in making money through their passion with blogging and I thought this post would help a lot of people who are in that situation. I hope you enjoyed this little 'insider' post and I hope it may of answered any questions that you may have had.

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