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Hello *takes a huge breath out*. Where has the year gone? That's my first thought and also, why has this year been so shit? I wanted to make this post my last of 2017 to sum up everything that's happened that I'd like to discuss. For me, it's been one of my most eventful years of my life to date and I want to take this time to discuss what's happened and document events. I never really look forward to a new year until now, I cannot wait to put 2017 behind me and look forward to things that are upcoming in the new year. I've tried writing this post so many times with a plan and it just hasn't worked so I think it's best we just have a chat about my year. Let's start, shall we?

I wanted to start with something positive as a lot of points in this post are going to sound like a big dwell on the whole year but that's not what I want to do. I just wanna discuss everything. So, my blog reached 200,000 views.. what? I cannot stress this enough but when I started writing this blog, I did not even think that it would get to 100 views, never mind 200,000. It's insane and I'm so thankful for you all and I'm excited for what's going to happen in 2018. I've spoken about this in a post previously but I find it so strange because I used to read lots of blogs before starting my own and I use to see people hitting milestones and now it's happening to me - insane. I am honestly so excited for the new year when it comes to my blog.

Something that I would find hugely strange if I didn't speak about is my parents unfortunately splitting up. This still doesn't feel real to me, if i'm honest. I'm not going to go into detail about this because it's a personal situation that involves a lot of people and I want to respect my parents' privacy but I genuinely thought this would be the last thing to ever happen to me and it still hasn't sunk in but it really makes me think of how my life was before, at family times. It's just strange I guess and something I've got to adapt to. You may be reading this and thinking that it's not a big deal because it happens to a lot of people and yes I get it, but everybody's family units are very different and it's not something I ever thought would happen. Of course, I'm an adult now and I'm mature enough to understand that things like this do happen but it's still a shock.

Do you know how weird it is for me to say that I was in a relationship this time last year? Because it actually makes me feel so weird! I've touched upon this in my Update : Relationship post but I have used every inch of what happened in that toxic relationship to change me as a person for the better and I can successfully say it 100% has. I am such a stronger person to what I were before it that I'm kind of thankful, it's a strange one - it messed my head up lots but I'm a better person for going through it. I think it's important to take the positives of every situation and this is a huge positive for me.

I had an operation, which was unexpected I have to say. I've never really touched upon my condition I have which is called Hydrocephalus (it's probably best you Google the definition, the procedure I had done was called third endoscopic ventricolosomy). I've had a quite a lot of procedures throughout my life starting from just three weeks old, so it's the norm but it's not something I think about unless I'm at my yearly check-up or when someone directly asks me, so I didn't expect this to happen but I'm so happy to say that it was a success and I'm on the mend. I will touch on my condition in a post soon and explain it all properly because I know I haven't really spoken about it before (I don't think I ever have) it would of been weird not to include it in my yearly round-up post.

I do not know where this year has gone, it's just flown by.. honestly. I am so grateful of everyone who has been with me throughout 2017, some new and some old people who have been in my life for a very long time. A lot has happened this year and I wanted to update you, I've been planning to do this post for so long and it feels such a relief to finally have it typed out in front of me. I just want to say a massive thank you for supporting me throughout this year because it makes me so so happy. It's been a hell of an eventful year and I'm hoping 2018 will bring me more smiles and laughter. Nevertheless, I am so ready for 2018 and I'm excited to share another year with you.

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