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A few months ago, I came to the realisation that I know who I am.. which is a very broad statement I know but it got me thinking. I've spent the best part of my life trying different clothing styles, hairstyles and friendship groups which is obviously normal whilst growing up, but to sit in my office (my bed) and have a clear understanding of who I am and what I want to achieve makes me fill with excitement.. *takes a huge breathe out*

I'll be the first person to admit that I wasn't necessarily popular in school but everyone knew who I was, weather they liked me or not, I didn't care but I never had a clear aim or understanding of who I wanted to grow up to be and I find that so strange as now, I'm so organised and driven when it comes to my success and work. Summarising myself has become second nature to me now and yes, some people would take that as being 'big-headed' but to be honest, I'm just aware of my areas that I can succeed in and I'm going to strive for it. As this post hasn't been a big ramble enough, fashion is a huge deal for me and can easily change the way I think and approach things.. for example, if I'm comfy then I'm happy, if I look and feel nice then I'm also happy. I really admire people who dress how THEY want to dress and not how society or mainstream brands are telling them how to dress because we'll all look the same, won't we? Obviously if that's how you want to dress then go for it but nobody should be scared to dress any differently to how they want to and that's my point.
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I've gone on a slight tangent, I found this coat from Missguided whilst I was looking through Selfridges for Christmas presents in late November and it's been my go-to on these recent frosty days and I have fallen in love with it and it fits exactly how I wanted it too. I'm a huge lover of loose coats that don't make you feel stuffed up and uncomfortable and this is literally everything I've been looking for. This coat is one of those coats that you'd throw on with anything as black goes with every colour combination right? Throw on some black jeans, your favourite top and this coat - you're sorted.

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links for Missguided and I will receive a commission for each item bought through the links placed within this post* thank you x 

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