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I wanted to do a little bit of a different post this week because I feel like I've kinda rushed into this year and I've gone into it without really thinking about it. So these are a few things that I've been loving recently that I want to keep focused on!

I never ever thought that I would even mention the gym on my blog.. at least not talking about how much I'm loving it anyway but I am. I've always had the tendency to know how to improve my life and how I want to improve my life but never actually do it but it feels so good that I have started to and it was definitely something that I wanted to do in 2018 (accomplished). I regularly use to look at food bloggers that eat all this nutritious food and I wished I could be like that and maybe I'd do it for a day or two but I knew at the back of my mind that it was not going to be permanent, I knew myself. So anyway, I sat in bed one evening and I had a little conversation with myself about how much I've wanted to start being more fitter and eating better but never actually did it.. So with that I joined my local gym and I LOVE IT (weird, I know)

A long with being a person that lacks motivation when joining a gym, I also like to be organised and focused on tasks.. It's kinda hard to explain but rushing kills me because it makes me feel groggy and frustrated and unorganised. I like to feel fresh and I have focused on this for a few months now and it's going great. Taking time out for myself to do the things that I want to do has made me feel so much better about life recently and I don't mean that in a really dramatic away (as much as it sounds LOL) I just mean I want to enjoy myself and take advantage of everything that is offered to me.

Having a day or an evening to yourself is needed for everyone. I'm like the biggest ambassador of loving yourself and relaxing because it's what I do best but on a serious note - we all go to the doctors when we've broken a bone or the dentist when we need a filling but when do we actually take time out to look after our brains? As humans, we are constantly on the go and faced by things on a day to day basis, it's important to relax and chill. Taking time out to let myself breathe and this has been one of my favourite things so far this year, not just in February. This is something I'd advise everyone to do, I often say to my Mum.. Sit down and have a rest. Polishing isn't the most important thing in the world, it can wait and so can a lot of things. Remember that your body is your only body and your mind is your only mind, we should be taking special care of them.

I can't be the only one that does this but I have started really thinking about my future and the realistic life I want to be living. As a blogger, I am constantly faced with this 'perfect' life that most people try and look like they have on Instagram, which is obviously not the case. Again, being organised but I find it refreshing (and a little daunting) when I think about the fact that I'm going to be an old man at some point.. Where am I going to be living? Who will I be living with? It's scary but it's also been quite interesting for me to think about my future.


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