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What the heck. Okay, this wasn't a planned post and in fact I was actually going to be doing a little bit of a catch up since I haven't uploaded a post for a while (I'm sorry!) but I've just received an e-mail saying that I have reached 250,000 views and it's not about the views, nope and I've said this before but I just to want to clarify again, it's not about the views and that's not why I do this but I want to say thank you because 250,000 is a hell of a lot and it shocks me every single time I look at my view count. I think what shocks me so much is that I used to read other peoples blogs before I started my own and I saw people reaching milestones and now it's happening to me. It's crazy. A quarter of a million. I cannot even thank you enough for the continued support, I am so happy people enjoy my content.

I also just want to give you a little bit of a hello, where have I been? I've been working on other things for the fast few weeks which has totally took up all my time and I've been so eager to get on my laptop to get another post written but it's just been so tiring recently! But I'm back (hello) I know it's only been a few weeks but I have missed writing posts so much! I've had a few weird weeks really, I sometimes have up and down weeks (just like everyone does) where I don't feel like doing anything and I've learned to look after my brain when I'm going through times like that and give myself a pat on the back and to not beat myself up for not doing anything because we all need to chill from time to time, so that's whats been happening really. There's been a lot to take in (annoyingly I can't talk about the stuff yet but maybe soon!)

I'm off on holiday in a few weeks, which may shock some of you but I'm actually going alone. Yes, part of me does think that I'm absolutely out of my mind but at the same time, it's something that I have always wanted to do and I am so excited now!

This was a very short post but I just wanted to write something so I took the first opportunity I got, So hello, I'm back. I'm glad you haven't forgotten about me (LOL)

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