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One of the hardest things I find when preparing for a holiday is the packing segment as I have definitely learned that I am a big over thinker and I'm constantly questioning myself what if this.. what if that happens? So with many attempts later, I have learned just to pack what you're actually going to need. Yes, packing some extra tablets in case you get poorly during your trip is okay and very clever but packing your whole wardrobe just in case you get stranded out there forever isn't a good idea because it isn't going to happen (LOL) and it may sound silly but I've had to tell myself this as I have got too far carried away.. and that's just with my hand luggage.

The bag I'm taking on the plane with me as my carry on or hand luggage (whatever you wanna call it) is a small khaki backpack which I got from Clarks. It's not too big, it's a good size and fits everything I need in there. Plus, if I had a bigger space to pack more then of course more irrelevant objects would make their way into it, so it's kinda a good thing that I don't have all the space in the world.

One of the first things that I always make sure that are packed are my passport and my boarding passes. For obvious reasons of course, these are the two most essential things for getting from country to country and you can't get anywhere without them! I always pop these two things in a little plastic folder so I make sure they're altogether and that I don't lose them. Another really important thing is money. What I always tend to do, is have some the currency in my wallet and then also take my cards as well. In case there isn't an ATM around and you need to get a taxi then it's good to carry a bit with you!

There are a few items which I carry a duplicate of in my hand luggage in the event of anything happening to my main luggage, if it gets lost or anything. I ALWAYS make sure I've got a phone charger on me, if I lose absolutely everything then at least if I've got a phone charger then I can access my bank account and call my family and let them know what's happened. Also, obviously if I'm flying to a different country then I always carry a plug adaptor for the particular country I'm travelling to. Missing luggage isn't something that happens a lot and it's never happened to me (touch wood!) but it happens and it's important to be prepared because if you're in a different country and you have absolutely nothing with you then it's going to be a bit tricky to enjoy your time there. I also think it's a good idea to take a extra pair of boxers and socks, if your luggage is lost then you may be without it for a day or two!

I'm definitely not the only person that feels this way but aeroplanes are full of germs. I just think they're really gross to be honest so I always carry hand wipes and use them every so often and especially before eating. There also good as you're stuck in your seat for the majority of the flight and I always feel a bit disgusting sometimes on a flight so they're good to make yourself feel a bit more refreshed. I also like to take a lip moisturiser (my favourite is linked here!) as planes dry my skin out like nothing else! The one I use will be linked below!

Depending on where you're going, sunglasses may be an essential! I always pop these in my hand luggage so I can whip them out on arrival into the country (also I've probably just awoken and look like a mess so they're good to hide my tired eyes haha!)

Flights can be mega boring, especially if everyone is sleeping around you and you have so many more hours to go! I always make sure I've got my iPad and a pair of earphones. I like to pack a set of in-ear earphones and the one head ones as planes are super loud and sometimes the in-ear ones can get so uncomfortable to wear after a bit.

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