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I want to start off this post with explaining where I went and things because I think some people are interested and also confused about who I went with and things like that and I actually went on my own. Am I crazy? Slightly but I loved it. I one hundred percent needed the break (I touched up on this in my Goodbye 2017 post) and I feel so refreshed since I've arrived back home, it's unreal. We're all obsessed with this world where we inspire to go the gym and eat healthily but what about our brains? They need looking after too and this was my little break to totally relax and have full focus on me.

Going away on my own for the first time was daunting because it's the unknown and as someone who doesn't really like being stuck for a long period of time it's even more daunting. I love flying, it's not flying that bothers me at all but it's the idea of being stuck for nearly five hours in a combined space but of course, I was fine and it was all in my head and in fact it was over thinking everything leading up to the holiday that made me slightly anxious also, such as getting my fight on time or getting lost whilst I'm there etc etc but it was actually so smooth, if you'd like to see what I took with me in my carry on bag then click here! When I arrived and got my luggage, I was greeted by someone who worked for the travel agent that I booked with which then took me to my car and then I was driven to my hotel (SO SIMPLE) and it was honestly so easy. I then arrived at my hotel and then I got showed around and got my room key and then I was just left to do whatever I wanted to do. And then a few days before I was due to fly back to England, I got an e-mail notifying me on what time my taxi was going to pick me up to take me to the airport.
I planned to do a whole section of this post about my hotel (which was called Sandos San Blas) but guess who has lost all the photos he took of the hotel? (Me, if you didn't guess but if I find some then I'll make sure to whack them in a post in a few weeks!) so what I will say is that my hotel was lovely, the staff were so friendly. Obviously, there's gotta be a few of you out there which want to know about the food and it was lovely! They did a lot of variety with the food and it was available pretty much any time you needed it! You can have a look at the rooms and what they have to offer on their website too! There was also lots of things to do, on my first full day there I was invited to a welcome meeting in the hotel lobby where they gave me a timetable of the different things they did on different days which would be so fun for families to get involved with too.

It was definitely one of the best things I've ever done. It was so smooth and because of that, I would 100% do it all again. I found the whole travelling aspect of it quite relaxing as it was so easy to do and there is always a travel agent you can contact if you need to ask anything and they're so friendly! Travelling different places in the world is something that I've always wanted to do and sometimes if you go with a big group of people then you may not get the full experience for you, everybody wants different things from a holiday - some people want to go out drinking every night or some people just want to sit by the pool and get a tan!

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