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 Before I started blogging, one of the most amazing concepts that I instantly fell in love with was how people are influenced by the people that they look up to online - the clothes their wearing, the moisturiser their using and the programmes their watching. When I post a link on my blog, I can see straight away how many people have clicked on the link and who has brought the product and this blows my mind. I never in a million years would of even dreamed that people would listen to my advice and it is such an amazing feeling (sometimes slightly overwhelming!)

The Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream is one product that I saw lots of my favourite 'online people' using and I knew I had to grab it as soon as I could and I am so happy I have as I have never looked back. If you're anything like me, you was living under a huge rock and had no clue what this product was until your favourite blogger mentioned it in one of their posts then hey, I'm here to help! It has endless uses. From soothing sun burn, healing cuts and bruises and caring for dry and damaged skin.. it has came quite obvious to me that this product does it all.

Over the past 6 months of experimenting it's different uses I've found my favourite - a night mask. When my skin is feeling dull or run down, I'm breaking out or just being quite dehydrated, I've found that wearing a layer of eight hour cream overnight does wonders for my skin and complextion and when I wake up in the morning I don't only feel refreshed but I look so much more healthier too! After waking up in the morning, any redress around my cheeks have reduced, my beds under my eyes are much brighter and my skin feels so much more happier.

My basic instructions of applying the cream is to squeeze out a small amount onto my hand (picture below). I then warm the cream up by rubbing it between my finger tips before applying a layer to my face. It does take around 10-15 minutes to soak into your skin but give it chance.. it works (I promise)
I can't write a post about this product without mentioning that their are two types, fragrance and fragrance free. A lot of people seem to have issues with the fragrance version so test both and see which ones for you! I prefer the fragrance free version as the scent of the fragrance one reminds me of the smell of hospitals (very strange I know)

I've loved using the Eight Hour Cream as a 'once a week' night mask and I'm looking forward to finding the other uses!

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