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As a blogger, getting opportunities to work with your favourite brands is not only an amazing feeling but it also ables you to share products you love with your audience. I get asked quite regularly how much I get paid and how do I get a brands attention, not only by aspiring content creators but by people who are close to me as well - it's interesting because it's new.

My first bit of advice that it would feel weird to write this and not mention this point is that you have to give yourself time to grow. Whilst some bloggers have millions and millions of views, if you only have 100 views but it is a very engaged 100 views then this will be very appealing to brands. The best way for me to describe this is you're a billboard, why would a company put an advertisement on a billboard in a street that isn't busy? The bigger your audience, the more people will see it.

This brings me on to media kits - a media kit is a document which tells the brand everything about you and your blog. It's kinda like a CV or a resume but more creative. This is essentially your chance to sell yourself to the brand and include information such as your blog stats, your niche (what your blog is about), past campaigns you've been involved with and collaboration options. If you're confused about how to start a media kit then click here for a useful guide.
I think a good idea is to write a list of all the brands you'd love to work with, even if it seems unrealistic at the moment - jot them down! You don't want any sponsored posts to stand about as a blatant ad, it should blend in with your other content and look authentic to your audience. As much as you may be egar to email massive international brands, smaller companies are more likely to your offer on board as they love the organic exposure.

Sending an e-mail to a brand can be a nervous experience - it's almost like applying for a job, except the worlds you write could essentially reach someone really high in the brand straight away. Once you have a good list, start reaching out to brands you love (and that fit your niche!).

My biggest tip when writing an e-mail to a brand is to do your research on who is going to be receiving it such as what their role is within the company and address them by their name. Not only do I think this is just general politeness but it also just makes everything a bit more personal and that you haven't just copied and pasted the same text to a million different brands in hope to earn some quick cash. I've always had a little mental template when I write an e-mail so I never forget to include anything (we've all been there!). Start by introducing yourself and your blog, why you want to work with them and which products have made you fall in love with their brand. I'd then always ask about their collaboration ideas. Lastly, always remember your attach your media kit!

1. Introduce yourself and your blog
2. Why would you like to work with the brand?
3. Which products have made you fall in love with the brand?
4. Ask them about their collaboration ideas
5. Attach media kit!

And also, never feel discouraged - companies all have different goals and budgets. If you don't hear back then it's fine. Keep going, keep looking for opportunities!

Disclaimer: this post is affiliated with Urban Outfitters, all opinions are my own. Thank you

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