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Hello! Following on from my Relationship post back in 2017 (which I had so much support on so thank you so much for that!) where I spoke about getting cheated on and basically everything that went wrong in my last relationship, I wanted to do this and part of my brain knew that I wanted to write this at the time, ya'know because I knew that I'd be fine now but at the time? No. Of course not, it's almost like I got sucked into this world of 'never escaping this horrible feeling of loneliness and betrayal' but looking at myself now and looking back on what happened, I am so (insert f word) happy.

My first tip and the first thing that I did was to block them on everything. Block them out, literally. I don't know if i'm the only person that feels like this but when you miss someone and you're constantly being updated on what they're doing it makes you feel even worse - it's strange when I put it like that but it's true. I hate knowing that the person that has done me so wrong is having a good time, i'll be honest. Plus, why would you want them as your Facebook friend? Because they're not your friend. Reality. It's important to be hard on yourself because like I said in my last post, you have to look into the future because for example, if someone eliminates your trust (cheating etc) then how are you going to enjoy being with them when trust is such a big thing in a relationship?

When I had my experience, I remember ringing up my best friend straight away and telling him what happened and I straight away caught a train the next morning to go visit him and that was fab at the time but I think if I had gave myself time then it would of been a lot quicker to process because I had ignored the situation instead of thinking about it (which isn't the best for everyone but I'm just speaking regarding what I learned in my experience) so my next tip is give yourself time. It's okay to cry, it's okay to be sad. Someone has come into your life and left. It's fine to be sad, its normal to be sad.
I am always the type of the person in these certain situations where I think far ahead and I think as realistic as I can. I always told myself how this isn't going to be affect me forever. Because it's not. Everything seems like such a HUGE deal when it's happening but in six months time, will you still be crying over it? I guarantee you won't. Everybody goes through break ups, some worse than others but it's how you react that can make such a huge difference to how you feel and how you look on the outside. You've met this person for a reason and as much as it's shitty at the time, you've learned so much about yourself through this whole process that you can take away with you. Everything that happens in your life is a lesson.

There is nothing wrong with talking to people. If you find yourself wanting company then get your friends round because there is nobody better at talking about these things to than the closest people in your life because they understand you and want the best for you.

And remember just like everything in life, everything gets better and everything happens for a reason. If you're a friend of someone going through a similar thing then just be there for them, they will appreciate it so much x


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