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One of my favourite things to do is share some love, I did a similar thing in October last year where I talked you through 8 Blogs You Need To Be Reading. I am obsessed with Instagram lately, I've always had a rocky relationship with the platform.. Sometimes I'd love it and sometimes I'd hate it but recently, we're going strong. I did a little story over on my Instagram where I mentioned some of the accounts that I love and I thought, why not make it into a blog post? A lot of these people mentioned are some of my favourite bloggers, some I've looked up to since day one. If you don't follow me on social media, you won't know but I've currently got the dreaded winter flu (the first and last I hope, I'm being optimistic!) so I thought I'd talk you through some of my favourite Instagram accounts!

Em Sheldon (EmShelx) - A selection of the best travel and fashion content I've ever come across! Em has been one of my go-to's since I ever started and her content has just got better and better throughout the years! If you're looking for the perfect travel recommendations then you need to head over to her Instagram because the moments she captures are beautiful.

BethLouise (BethxLouisexx) - this girl is the person that pops in my head when I hear people say 'blogging is easy' because this girl has so much determination and passion for what she does, she deserves so much more exposure! Not to mention, she is one of the nicest people I've come across in the industry! Beth gives a real insight into her life on her stories which adds such a personal and unique touch. She's a pleasure to watch.

Maria Joynson (MariaJBlogs) - again, very similar to Beth, this girl makes me want to go work so hard. She is such an inspiration when it comes to making something for yourself and seeing your dream results. She has inspired me so much in the blogging industry from day one and anyone who wants to start blogging or just wants a warming person to go to then this is your girl. Her Instagram is like a 'part two' of her blog and her stories are one of my favourite ever thing.

Carl Cunard (Carl_Cunard) - Carl's feed is essentially a lookbook of the best places to go to be the best dressed and I've been obsessed since I discovered him about a year ago. He has such a warming feed that invites you into his daily life.

Lauren Rosenbaum (Loulabxlle) - If I could have anyone's feed then I would hands down have Lauren's! Whatever season it is, she tops it! Whatever occasion, she has it all! She currently has the cosiest feel for winter and it fills my blogger eyes with joy whenever I look at it.

Thomas Lloyd (Thomas.M.Lloyd) - Finally, my last one brings me on to my favourite bearded man on Instagram, who I discovered very recently! Tom is a husband and a Dad to the most precious little girl. From family days out, to outfit of the days, I really enjoy following his life and I'm sure you would too!
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