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If you know me then, you will know how much I bloody love this time of year - although, it has been very cold and it's gone very cold very fast so even I am adjusting to this climate! However, I shall never complain about this weather because I would pick this over hot sweaty days any day. So, when planning my 'wintery' content, I knew I had to do this post.. Do you know how excited I was to bring my jumpers back into my wardrobe? (I was v v v excited) I would just like to add that, I promise that this will be the last post that I include my cropped trousers from Topman, but just know that I shall still be wearing them every single day (let's not lie to ourselves!) I couldn't find the exact ones, but you can view all of Topmans' range of their cropped trousers here

This is definitely been my go-to outfit so far, although it's not a combination that I've thought about before. When we transition to Summer, I always pop all my jumpers and coats away and I forget what I actually have so when I unfolded this hoodie which I got in the Urban Outfitters sale a few years ago, I was so excited because did I forget all about it? Yes. Am I madly in love with it again? YES! I know this is crazy to say but I already predict that I will wear this exact outfit the most of this winter, I don't know if it's just me or if any of you do this but I find an outfit that I lovee and I just don't take it off, these trousers are a perfect example of this LOL.

Trainers for me have to tick the comfort box and these Reebok classics that I got for an absolute bargain a few months ago definitely do! I am not actually mad on trainers, I have a few pairs that I love and wear repeatedly but I've never been obsessed with them like some of my friends are. I would rather just have a few pairs that go with most outfits! I indulged in buying myself some Vans the other day, I had some years ago but I simply just don't know where they went (weird, I know) but I absolutely love them and I don't know how I've survived without them because they are so good for slipping on with any outfit and heading out the door. If you're looking for some new shoes then definitely check Rebook out (they do lots of different colours too!)

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