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I've wanted to talk about this subject for a while and I've never known how to write this as money is always a taboo subject to talk about because a lot of people keep this information quite private and rightly so in a way because the money someone earns and how they wish to spend it is totally up to them. When I was a lot younger, I was always fascinated by money and I've always had motivation to work hard and make something for myself and with that, came a lot of questions to especially my parents about how much they earn and how they got to where they are now. I always have the argument in my head when I see a loan company advertising on television or I remember when I just turned 18 and I had loads of credit card companies advertising their products to me asking me get a credit card with them and I think for a lot of people it would be too tempting, you know if someone is offering you £500, some people would think that's amazing because they wouldn't even think twice about how they're going to pay it back and I think that's so bad (and scary!). I think my parents were definitely worried about the way I spent money especially when I was younger because I was a shopaholic and I remember I had a part time job in retail at the time and I used to easily spend the whole of my wage packet in a week, sometimes even less and as I've got older, I've valued money so much more because I've worked for it and I've learned that money is much more important than a shopping trip.

1. Don't get sucked in by Instagram. As someone growing up surrounded by social media, I think at one point I was definitely guilty of this. It's important not to get sucked in to a hole of looking up to people that spend lots of money, to a point where you do the same and get yourself trapped in a hoover of debt. My parents also taught me the value of money and that's something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I think people are massively influenced by celebrity lifestyle now a days and it's great to look up to people but remember that some people are in totally different positions to yourself and that sounds harsh I know but it's true and it's reality - some people do spend lots of money and they can and then others spend lots of money and they can't but nobody would know they can't because people are attractive to materialistic things but remember that things aren't always as they seem and it's important to look after yourself and your own finances.

2. Think about your future. I touched upon this in my last blog post, always think about your future and how you want your future to be. This is also good practice for when you do have to budget your money and prioritise household bills because as daunting as it is, we all have to do it eventually. I think it's so tempting in this world where prices of things are getting higher and it's so easy to get money in your account without even thinking about how you're going to pay that money back and then people can get in such a vicious cycle of constantly doing this and then before they know it, they're in lots of debt. It's good to take yourself out the situation, if you're thinking about getting a loan then don't do it on a quick little thought - think: can you afford this? how're you going to pay this back? If you are in debt, my biggest advice is to pay as much as you possibly can - calculate how much you need for the month weekly and stick to that budget and pay off your debt as much as you can each month to minimise how much you owe. If it's with a credit card company then make sure to cut that card up so you can't be tempted to use the money on it because it will just turn into a vicious cycle of paying a bit back then spending it again. I always divide my money up within 4 weeks, this way it enables me to save some money whilst also having some money for myself.

3. Track your spending. This is something that has helped me so much, I actually don't know how people survived without mobile banking because I am literally obsessed. If you have an iPhone, you'll know that your phone now tells you what apps you've spent the most time on in a week and my banking app is always right at the top because I think it's so important to track how much you spend and to keep a track on how much money you have! Every bank has online banking and it's a great way to know how much monthly spending you have, so you can work out how much you will be left this - this is the best way to track your spending in my opinion as you can see instantly how much you've got left for the rest of the month! I know that Lloyds TSB do 'Save the Change' which is where they will round up how much you spend and save the change for you - this is a great way to save little amounts and then before you know it, it'll add up! If you can't get mobile banking for whatever reason, then you could still do this by getting a money box and then save your change for a whole year (if you saved a £1 everyday then at the end of the year, you'd have £365 and this could go on Christmas presents or use it to treat yourself!)

4. Shop the sales! If you've really wanted something for a long time then wait till it's gone into the sale. I know a really fun add on that you can get for your browser called Shoptagr and you can go through things that you love and add it to your Shoptagr account, so when it gets discounted then it'll pop up and you can even have the notifications on your phone so you will never miss a good deal. I've never used this myself but I've seen so many people rave about it and I don't know why I've never used it to be honest because I'm constantly browsing my favourite clothing sites!

5. Enjoy life and the free things. This is something that again, I've learned as I've grown older. I tend to take walks on my own with my earphones in, visit my family and friends and just enjoy things that are free. If you didn't have any money, then what would you do? Enjoy having money because you don't have to blow it all, it's not going anywhere and it will still be there if you want something - so don't go into a panic and think that you've got to spend it all at once.

6. It's so easy for us to overspend whether we are going out on a stag do in York or Brighton or heading out to town on a Saturday night, where we're not really thinking about how much cash we are spending over the course of a few hours, especially when we're far away from home and want to make the most of it. Mobile banking is an absoloute lifesaver when you want to keep track of every single penny that you are spending. And if you're someone who likes to go out and splash the cash on a weekend, you know that, come Monday morning, you are instantly regretting it. Learning to track your spending is one of the best habits you can get into.

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