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Hello, Happy Sunday! I thought I'd make this post just to discuss the new regulations that have been popped in place for celebrities and public figures which include bloggers, youtubers and other social media influencers which make sure that they are clearly stating when they are being paid to talk about a product or service to their audience. I can only speak for myself on this (although 90% of people that I follow do declare properly and clearly which I fully respect as you shouldn't hide or be embarrassed - at the end of the day, it's our jobs and we get paid for the work we do).

What's the difference between 'gifted' and a 'paid promotion'?
I totally understand that some people think it's absolutely crazy that we are now expected to label a post that includes something that is gifted an AD because when a blogger is sent an item, there is no contract to talk about the item, I get sent lots of products (it's just a perk of the job!) and it's then up to me to try the products out if I want to and then share them with my audience. When you discuss with a company beforehand about advertising a product or service which they hold then a payment is exchanged for the exposure that the blogger gives the brand, this is usually a fair sum of money - it's fair and is calculated on the exposure the influencer will give the brand and this is called a paid promotion. I'm very proud to be able to say that I have had sponsorship's with brands that I love dearly, the way I see it is that I have worked hard to build up the audience that I have, so why would I not talk about products I love? I will only ever talk about products I genuinely love and I'm not being dramatic when I say this and I know that it's the same with other bloggers but I literally turn down most offers that I get because if I haven't tried a product then why would I advertise it? If a brand emails me and I know someone that I think would suit the campaign better then I kindly decline and always recommend someone else. I think my authentication is way more important than money, also bloggers and youtubers do make a lot of money and that's not secret - they're not going to chance risking their business by talking about something that they don't believe in because personally, I think it's so obvious when someone is talking about a product that they don't actually like/believe in.

My personal take on this subject is to disclose absolute everything (just to be on the safe side, of course) that you have been sent or are being paid to talk about. The new regulations state that if you have worked with a brand and you decide to buy an item and talk about it openly to your audience then this needs to be declared as an AD as you've worked with the company before (just to add, this is up to 2 years. If you buy the product after 2 years that you've worked with them then there is no need to declare) I kind of get this but kind of don't because you're not being paid to talk about that particular product. However, like I said previously in this post it doesn't matter weather I'm being paid to say something or not, I wouldn't be saying it if I didn't believe it, so why does it matter? I'm more than happy to put AD next to something that is from the same company because I wouldn't be talking about it if I didn't love it, regardless if I'm being paid or not. I think the advertising regulations are just being very careful to make sure that everyone is declaring clearly to their audiences. Also, I can't stress this enough but if you're a regular reader of my blog or someone else's blog then just because it says AD it doesn't mean it's not genuine and someone being paid to write about something that they love shouldn't put you off reading the post, if anything surely you should want to support your favourite bloggers.

How will I declare and what does it all mean?
AD - I have been paid to advertise a product or service OR AD will be displayed if I have a relationship with the brand and have worked for the brand in the past 2 years.

PR SAMPLE/PRODUCT - This means that I have been kindly sent the products by the brand. This happens a lot, however I am not in any contract to talk positively about the product or service (or talk about it at all) it's totally my choice.

AFFILIATE LINK - Links are displayed in my posts which I generate a small amount of revenue on. Sometimes this could be as little as 10p, but this will still be clearly displayed as I am still generating revenue through this.

Just to be clear, this is just literally my thoughts on the new regulations which I've seen people talk about on social media so much today and I wanted to just do a little chat about it, if anyone is confused or interested on the topic, when I was new to the online world, a post like this would have been so interesting for me to read. You can read the full influencer's guide here which gives you more information. Again, these are just my views and I always make sure that anything I am paid to say is clearly labelled so my readers know when it's a paid promotion or a gifted product - but just know that everything I will ever talk about are things I truly love or believe in and it doesn't matter whether I'm being paid to say it, I will always decline offers that I don't believe in or things that won't be suitable for you guys!



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