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I love travelling and it's something I wish to do all my life, for as long as I can. I love the idea of spontaneously going to visit a place and just hopping on a train and going - it fills me with the most joy. A few weeks ago, I visited Brighton and I only went for a night but I did so bloooming much in that time.. I told myself that I would experience and explore whatever the weather and that's advice right there for you, don't be put off by weather because (going slightly deep here) you might never be able to experience that place again and you don't want to regret not doing certain things or not visiting certain places. So after a long journey, I got there around five o'clock, went to the hotel and dropped my suitcase off and headed straight out and started exploring straight away.

I stayed at the Harbour Hotel and Spa which is situated right on the seafront (it was a dream) and I had a room for one night for around £60-£80 at the time of booking (this will vary on the time of year and all things like that!) which is amazing for Brighton prices and also, the view was INSANE. The fact that you could hear the sea all the time was the most relaxing things ever and I bloody loved it, I didn't want to come home. Brighton has always been a place that I've fallen in love with before I even went, I love the idea of being by the sea and how amazing it is to be constantly in a calm place - so. comforting! So, I wanted to put a few snaps together which I captured on my short trip. One last thing, if you're thinking about visiting Brighton then do it because it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever experienced.



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