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Most assume that a lot of men can wash their faces with the same bar of soap they use for their bodies and get on with their way. If this is what you do in the morning, then you have to step up your game. Skincare isn't nearly as complicated as most people make it out to be. In fact, some of the best advice out there is that - which is incredibly simple. With that in mind, here are six essential skincare tips that all men must know.

Wash Off The Day - as tempting as it can be to do so, you cant crawl straight into bed after a long and tiring day. First, you need to take time to wash your face. While this might not seem too important, you must remember that a lot of dirt and grime collects on your skin throughout the day. If you skip your nighttime wash, this will remain on your face, resulting in blocked pores and breakouts.

Get Plenty of Rest - Once your skin is cleansed and moisturized, you can go ahead and get in bed. Sleep gives your skin an opportunity to refresh and repair.

Make Time for Exercise - while exercise does make it easier to sleep, it benefits your skin more directly too. This is because your sweat helps to remove toxins. Because of this, sports like rugby really do help (I need to take my own advice on this!) you could even create your own custom designed rugby union team kit. It's important to remember to cleanse and exfoliate after working out, as this prevents your pores from blocking.

Limiting Your Skin Exposure - A glowing tan can make you feel more confident. However, that doesn't mean that you should put your skin or health at risk to get one. Every time you go outside, you must ensure that you apply sun-cream. Those who don't, increase their risk of getting sun damage which can cause irritation, redness and peeling.
Buy A Quality Razor - there are many different razors on the market and not all of them are going to do you good. While four or five-blade razors might advertise a closer shave, you must consider at what cost this will come with. If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, then it is best to have fewer blades. You should also shave with the grain, rather than against it and use a moisturizing shave gel.

Eating The Right Foods - as difficult as it may be for those with a sweet tooth, if you want healthy skin, then reducing your sugar intake can make a huge difference. The reason for this is that sugar is known to cause breakouts and acne. That being said, it's not just sugar that you have to watch out for. There are a number of foods that can cause skin problems, such as caffeine!

Skincare doesn't have to be difficult but we only have one skin, so let's look after it and treasure it.

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