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Hello, hello - happy Sunday! It's just gone midnight and it's suddenly occurred to me that I haven't done a favorites post in so long and I've been loving so many different little things at the moment that I thought it would be the best way to tell you all about them. So let's get started straight away, shall we?

The VO5 Texturising Gum has been my best friend when it comes to styling my hair lately, I don't do this everyday but when I fancy putting a bit of extra effort into my appearance (again, this doesn't happen a lot) this has been my go-to and has such a nice finish to the end product, without leaving it looking or feeling greasy and that is definitely something I look for in a hair product. I used to use this product all the time a few years back but have only just started reaching for it again and I forgot how amazing it actually is.
If you're from England, you will be familiar with the very unexpected ray of sunshine that we've had lately and with that, comes in need of a very good deodorant. I've raved about Nivea products loads on my blog and have had the privilege of working with them so many times, this post isn't a paid sponsorship but I genuinely love all their products that I've tried and it's such a trusted brand for me now that I love sharing their products with you all. So I've recently been using their Nivea Men 48 Hour Deodorant and it has done the trick, let me tell you! The one I've been using has such a fresh scent that I've been loving.

Along with my V05 Texturising Gum, I've been reaching for the Johnny's Power Hold Hairspray, which again doesn't make my hair look greasy and holds everything in place. I've also discovered that it doesn't sweat in the hot weather and still gives your style a firm hold for the whole day, which I was so impressed with. I actually got gifted this item and ever since I tried it, I've been reaching for this over all my other hairsprays.

A few weeks ago, I got kindly gifted a lovely PR package from the team over at Nivea which had lots of products in, including their new Peel Off Mask and it has done wonders to my skin. I do have quite sensitive skin and anything seems to effect it, so looking after my skin is very important and I've found using this product a few times a week along with my skincare routine has made such a huge difference to the dry patches on my skin and has made my skin feel very soft and hydrated! Along with this, I've been using the Clear Shaving Gel from Milkman Grooming for about a year now, again I was lucky enough to work with them on a giveaway campaign but this post is not at all sponsored by them and all views are my own, however... I cannot reach for anything else. I love how it's clear so you can see exactly what areas need shaving and it makes my skin feel very smooth and I'm so happy with these two products.
Did someone say shoes? I've never been a 'shoe person' if you catch my drift, I kinda get one pair and then live in them for about 4 years, even when they're falling a part and making me walk with a limp. My beautiful Reebok trainers have finally got to that stage so I wanted to opt for something a little lighter for the summer season and these Adidas trainers are amazing for that (I don't know what they're called but I'll leave a link to them here for you to check out, if you want too!).

Disclaimer: This post  contains products that have kindly been sent to me. Some links in this post may be affiliate links, which means I receive a percentage of the revenue made from purchasing products through the links placed on my blog. This does not affect you as the consumer OR the price of the product.

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