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Money is always one of those things that we all want more of and we'd love to save more and that's exactly what I want to discuss today. When I was younger, I remember getting a weekly allowance off my parents (this was before I started earning any money) and I remember blowing it in 2-3 days! I've always loved spending money but with this, has made me realize how important money is and how important it is to think about your future - yes it's fab to think about today as realistic but sad as it is, we might not have tomorrow but we still need to think about our future and the things we'd like to do. I am a huge saver now and I am slightly obsessed with saving as much money as I possible can, I think this has definitely come with experience of spending too much money when I was younger and finding myself not being able to afford a McDonald's or constantly have loans off people in my family that I would have to pay off once I got paid - that has all changed. For the past 4/5 years, I've saved as much money as I can each month so I know that I always have money if I want to buy something or if I'd like to go on holiday.
I've been using Cleo in order to track my monthly and yearly spending via there iOS app which backtracks three months of historic spending transactions to tailor you a budget on how much you earn per month! Cleo is essentially a virtual assistant that can tell you how much you've recently spent, what you have spent the most money on and how much you have left for the month. Cleo can also save money for you and hide that money away so you're not tempted to spend (this would have been so perfect for me when I was younger!) I've found the app super useful as you can ask Cleo questions and get instant replies, such as "Can I afford to go to the cinema?" or "Where can I cut back this month" and it'll give you a breakdown of how much you have spent on different things and do the math for you! You can download the Cleo app and get yourself a free £5 into your bank account and start tracking your money here. 

I've recently started to prioritize what I spend money on because I'm starting to become a person that likes to have money more than they like to spend it, the idea that I can do things if I want to makes me happy but that doesn't always mean you have to do those things because you might need the money for something else later on in the month or even in the year and it's good to be prepared for things to pop up like your phone breaking or if you get lost somewhere and need to get an UBER (you can get a free UBER ride by clicking here) home or things like that we don't usually tend to prepare for but it's something I've started to do and it's made me think about how much I can potentially save each month (even more than I'm doing at the moment!).

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