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Hello! Before we start with this post, I just want to have a little catch up as I've been super quiet on my socials lately and I'm ready to get back into it. I think doing something like this is absolutely amazing and it's the best thing in the world, however you may of heard other bloggers say this but sometimes the creative juices do naturally just stop flowing and I decided to take a little break just to reform my brain again and here I am. I thought I'd kick off with a favorites as I've been trying some really cool new products lately and I can't wait to share them all with you!
The first two things that I want to talk to you about are a shampoo and a shower gel which I've been obsessed with (even before using it!). I popped into my local The Body Shop about two weeks ago because I've been dying to get a new shampoo and conditioner as I always think it's such a great thing for the care of your hair to switch up your products every once in a while as the benefits of any product do kinda stop as your skin/hair gets used to the formula. So, I picked up the Fuji Green Tea Shampoo which firstly, smells absolutely amazing and has such a fresh scent to it, I've honestly been so obsessed with this shampoo since I started using it and I will struggle to change it up now I think because I will never get bored of the scent. To match with my new favorite shampoo, I picked up the Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel which I've always loved the smell of this product but never actually purchased any from this specific range before and oh my god. I honestly wish I started using the shower gel a long time ago and I don't know why I never did. However, I've done it now and I'm so happy.
Another thing I've been loving is my Harry's Razor. Now, you might be thinking a razor is a razor and they all do the same job, right? But nope. I am literally so happy that I got gifted one of these as I've wanted to try one for so long, just because how beautifully they're made. They're designed with a grip handle which makes it easier to shave and get the perfect precision. I picked up an extra pack of the Harry's Razor Heads today, which consisted of 8 razor heads for £15 which some may say they're pricey, however I've always had the belief of you're using these products on your skin, your skin is an investment and it's worth spending a few extra pounds just to make sure you're giving your skin the correct treatment. The razor-heads are designed with a flexible hinge which enables you to be able to reach the contours of your face!
This next one isn't skincare in fact it's far from it but it's something I use everyday and love a lot. I've never spoken about my favorite scent sprays however the Perfor Mance Eau De Toilette by Next (I couldn't find the exact one but I've linked a similar one here for you!) is my all time favorite lately and I've been using this for about 6 months now and reaching for it everyday. I'm probably the worst when it comes to describing scents and how they smell but all I can say is that it's very fresh and I've had lots of compliments on it!

Disclaimer: This post contains gifted items, all opinions are my own. Links within this post are affiliate links, which means I receive a percentage of the revenue made from purchasing products through the links placed on my blog. This does not affect you as the consumer OR the price of the product.

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