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Before you start reading this post, I'd just like to say that this is very imprompt and this isn't planned (enjoy an old picture of me that I've never posted online before) but I feel like with recent events that have happened, it's only right that I address a few things that have been on my mind. Having doing this for years, I've built up an amazing audience and I have the ability to reach out to thousands of people and I feel as it would be wrong and disrespectful (in my eyes) to carry on as if nothing has happened. This is partly a tribute to Caroline Flack. I just want to say that people can still disagree with someones actions but are we that cruel to say that someone deserved to take their own life? No. We can't be. This is probably the most serious blog post I've written to date but we can't ignore things and neither do I want to. Things need to change.

Social media plays such a big part in our lives in this era. We communicate on it, we can share our feelings and concerns and it's so glued to our hand that it's almost screaming at us. But it also has such a dark side where people can vocalize their opinion without any moderation or consideration for others and that is crazy. I know so many people personally and even myself that has been commented about online by complete strangers that 'know me'. It's a huge reminder that you only see such a small percentage of someones life and no money or fame can take away feelings and emotions because it doesn't matter how much money someone has or how much they are perceived to have a 'perfect life' there is no such thing. We're all human and we all have our own things that we're battling.

I find it so important to reach out to people that I know. I have such a 'banterous' type relationship with my closest friends but I love them all dearly and would drop absolutely anything to make sure their okay because you never know someone is going through and you never know the last time you might see someone. It's the truth. Always value your time with the people you love. I was having a chat with my friend recently and we got onto the topic of things about friendships (who I've known for the longest time) and we were saying how we couldn't imagine what would make our friendship break but it's so true. Yes, we get on each others nerves but god. We wouldn't be dramatic about that. It's something that I've learned as I've got older and something that I generally think about more but making effort is such a huge thing for me to do for people have the most care for.

I'm not saying we're not allowed to be annoyed because gosh, we subconsciously don't think. But some things aren't worth being annoyed about. We are so privileged to be able to walk out our homes feeling safe, to be able to go to work and earn our own money for things we want and being able to go out and buy them. Some people aren't as lucky as you and that's something to remember. That top you have? Someone has been saving weeks to buy that. The school you go to? There are unfortunately countries where children don't get a free education or an education at all. The argument you had with your Mum? Some people don't have a Mum to argue with or a loving family with a safe house to go back to. Always appreciate what you have and never take anybody or anything for granted. We can all take something from this.

Always be kind.

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