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Hello. I thought I would share some light on this topic as I feel as I've been in the dark and to be honest, I didn't take this seriously until now. Coronavirus is a new virus that has came about and is spreading very quickly. I know some people that are currently self-isolating themselves, which includes staying in as much as they possible can without having contact with anybody else.

I'd just like to share some tips that I've saw and that I'm doing myself to put you all at ease. This is the last time I will be discussing this as I want this platform to be a happy place where you can take your mind off topics like this as I know it's all we've been hearing about lately.

Wash your hands. This is the biggest thing that everyone seems to be saying. Carry around hand sanitizer and if you can't get any, as a lot of you know the supermarkets have been massively affected by this and there isn't a lot of stock left. Victoria has done a Youtube video where is includes a home recipe for a hand sanitizer (which starts at around 8:20) that is very easy and cheap to make.

Only take what you need from stores. Just don't be selfish, don't take all the toilet roll, don't take all the soap. We are all in this together and if you buy all the soap then that isn't going to make a difference, we all need to be using soap for this method to be effective. If you've took all the soap and someone else hasn't then they can still transmit the virus (if they have it).

Just be cautious when in public places, I know that 'we should all be washing our hands' and of course we do but it's just about being a little bit  more cautious right now. I know this is a very scary virus but don't stress. Look after your loved ones, if you have vulnerable family members then make sure they're okay. I've also saw that some people are leaving notes under their neighbours' doors to see if they need anything from the shops - I think this is a lovely idea. Of course, just to be careful I would just make sure you wash your hands before writing a note, just be careful about things. I think that's what I would like to stress. Just be extra cautious.

If you are working from home due to what's going on, from someone who works from home and has done for a while now. If you're used to working from an office then don't work more than you usually would, set yourself up as you would normally and work your usual office hours. It's important to set yourself a lunch break and have the same routine.

How to get your mind off what is going on in the world right now? My advice is to just do something you enjoy. Cook yourself your favourite meal, re-watch your favourite films or series' and binge on netflix. Just relax and do you. This is such a scary time right now, especially for those who have anxiety. Have a bath, relax and if you do find yourself still worrying then get your words out weather that's writing them down or calling a family member/friend and letting them know how you feel. Talking to someone can make a huge difference.

You can find more info about the virus here. I hope you found this comforting. We are all going through this together so please be cautious and look out for others. If have a bulk of toilet roll and you've noticed people looking for it and there's none left then share some generosity with them.

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