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Hello everyone! I thought this would be a good post to write as it may give you a few ideas what to have to eat during your days at home, as many of you will be used to going out to work in an office or wherever, so now that you may be working from home and have a little more time during your lunch breaks to make food, this may give you a little inspiration on what to eat! I do also just want to say, I haven't changed what I would normally eat just because I'm shooting it for a post, I don't eat this everyday and it does vary day to day on what I fancy to eat. Everybody eats different things and have different diets, so this is just what I ate on this particular day. Nobody should be judged for what they choose to eat or choose not to eat. I hope you enjoy looking through what I ate on this day. This is something a little different to the usual stuff I do but never the less, I loved doing it.

BREAKFAST - Two pieces of toast, a strawberry yogurt and apple juice.
I've really been reaching for this breakfast quite a lot lately, I tend to give myself more of a chilled morning lately and start work around 10-11 so this is a quick breakfast for me to grab. I love eating something fresh with my breakfast in the morning, like a yogurt and strawberry yogurts have been my go-to for years!

LUNCH - Houmous and Ham wrap, packet of salt and vinegar French Fries.
I totally forgot to shoot my lunch but this is what I had. I remember once having houmous that was going out of date and I thought 'Oh, I'll just wack it in a wrap' and it was amazing. One of the best lunch ideas I've ever discovered and it is so easy and cheap to make!

SNACK - Chocolate Brownies. 
I have saw so many people doing this during this weird time we're going through right now and I decided to do it myself. I love brownies and I was craving them so bad seeing so many people make them lately so I decided to make my own. I made 12 brownies and froze half. Baking is such a fun little thing to do when you are stuck in and you could literally have a baking day with all your fam that you live with and batch freeze them for when you fancy it.

DINNER - Chinese Chicken curry.
Again, I've been loving these meals that I've been picking up from my local Tesco and I crave Chinese food so much and this really cures my cravings. I usually have these with some gyozas but I couldn't find them in any of the shops (story of everyone's life at the moment I know). I also forgot to shoot this too (I am the worst blogger hehe!) but I've searched it and linked it here for you because it is THAT GOOD. It is worth trying!

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