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I have not done one of these for a bloooming long time and I have not been doing an awful lot lately, apart from sitting in my flat and playing a lot of XBOX (I'm currently waiting for my switch to arrive and then that will quickly take over my life haha!). I hope you enjoy this weeks post and I hope you're all doing well and staying safe. Update: Since writing this post a few weeks ago, my Nintendo Switch has arrived and I haven't left it alone for more than an hour hehe but this post was written before receiving it so that's why it's not included!

So there we go, say hello to my first fave. My XBOX One. I have never been massive on gaming until recently, I mean.. I'm still not huge on it but I do love it and I don't understand how I went so long without having my own console. It passes a lot of time and I've been using it lately to just occupy myself and make the time go a bit faster (and it works!).

The next thing I've been loving is my Airpods, I didn't know how much I needed them until I had them - they're so useful and handy to have! I love being able to clean my flat and not having to worry about a cable. They have been such a huge investment for me and I love them A LOT. They're also perfect for people who go on runs, I can imagine (really imagine) that it would be so much easier without a cable attached to your phone, getting in the way whilst running or doing exercise!

Okay, it can't just be me that has saw everyone walking around with these little pouches and I know I know at first, I wasn't a huge fan of it. It wasn't for me until I brought a pouch and started using it, I then realized how much of a great idea a pouch actually is. I'm not one of these people who carry a lot around with them, I usually tend to just carry the few things I need, such as my keys, cards and my phone and that's it - so I used to essentially carry a huge bag around for no reason whatsoever. It 's so useful to have with me and I LOVE IT.

If you didn't know this about me, I love Jimmy Carr and I've never saw him in concert or anything but I just bloody love his humor, it's not for everyone I know and sometimes it's a little too dark but that is essentially my humor and I really like him. I got brought these by someone who I used to work with last Christmas and I'm yet to watch them but if you like dark humor then you need to watch his clips on Youtube because they will make you laugh a lot (Obviously, goes without saying - depending on your age as his jokes aren't really for younger ages!)

FOOD. I love food. I had to include a food item in this post. I am not a person who likes cereal, in fact I don't even like milk (unless it's in tea and I have the tiniest bit!) but I needed something to grab for breakfast if I'm in a rush to start working and these are delicious, they're perfect.

This post was called 'random' for a reason. New mugs. Not a great lot I can say about these but I just saw them in Aldi (I KNOW!) and thought wow, I love you. So I brought them. I love mugs with a good big handle and these have such a nice handle. Great mugs. (I hope self isolation isn't making you talk about mugs too, I'm going a tad insane!)

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