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Did you know that Revolution did skincare? Because I certainly didn't. One day I was searching for some new products from a brand that I had never come across before and I stumbled upon Revolution's website and found that they do some amazing skincare products. I decided to go for a new moisturizer as with the weather changing my skin is suffering as usual and it has become so dry again which has become a slight problem I've dealt with the past few months so trying out new products for hydration is always a task that is on top of my list. 
With that, I decided to go for the Protection Boost Moisturizer which has got to be my new favorite. When first applying it, I was so impressed with how creamy the formula actually was and it just feels like it is doing wonders for my skin, this proved to be correct after a month of trying this product I am so impressed with how it hydrates my face and how long it moisturizes it for. My face feels so hydrated throughout the day. I usually use this product twice a day, first when I wake up and straight after showering in the evening when my pores are open (Just a little sidenote, I would recommend everyone does their skincare straight after a shower as I always find it is when my pores are the most open and my skin gets so dry when coming out the shower so it just feels super refreshing).

The next products I went for were a set of Essence Sprays which I was firstly just intrigued of as I've never tried anything like that before. I remember when I was working with The Body Shop, they sold a similar thing and theirs were amazing. I've been using the Hydrating Essence Spray for around a month too and the combination of the moisturizer and the spray is doing wonders for my skin. My pores feel so much cleaner and I am so happy I stumbled upon Revolutions products.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks post - as always, everything is linked in the post if you wanted to check out any of the products mentioned. I hope you're all staying safe and well.

Disclaimer: Links within this post are affiliate links, which means I receive a percentage of the revenue made from purchasing products through the links placed on my blog. This does not affect you as the consumer OR the price of the product.

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