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While the pandemic may have saved many of us money in cancelled trips and scaled-back social plans, there's no doubt that the crisis has had a negative impact on many people's financial situations. If your income has dropped or you've unfortunately lost your job, you may be looking for ways to save. Here are a few tips to make your money stretch further! 

Budgeting - If you don't already swear by a budget, now is the time to devote a few minutes each month to drawing up a budget that works for you. Budgeting helps you analyse spending, set limits and identify areas where you could make cuts. If you're overspending on unnecessary treats at the supermarket, you're forking out for pricey restaurants or you're still paying a subscription fee for a gym membership you don't even use (I am guilty of this!) then getting rid of these can help. Reduce your shopping budget when you do your weekly shop by ordering online or making a list before you go and sticking to it and seeing what cheaper alternatives you could buy. 

Comparing prices is something that we could all do a little bit more of. The internet should be your best friend when it comes to making purchases or investing in products or services. From TV and broadband to car, home, pet and bike enthusiast insurance - you could save hundreds of pounds by using comparison sites and it only takes a minute to fill in your details and compare policies and prices from different providers, and you can use filters to find the most suitable products for yourself. If you have insurance policies that are due for renewal in the coming days or weeks, resist the temptation to renew automatically and see what other deals are out there. You can also use the internet to compare prices when you buy items such as shoes and branded clothing, try shopping second hand as it is also great for our environment too. 

Changing your mindset. This is something that I have personally done and it has worked for me. Most of us are guilty of spending money on things we dont need or even really want. If you're on a mission to save more or you're trying to reduce your credit card debts, try and change your mindset. Before purchasing something, ask yourself if you're really desperate for that item and set yourself a saving goal. It's easy to get used to spending flippantly, especially when your inbox is full of deals and offers, but often, we end up with wardrobes, cupboards and shelves full of stuff that we don't need or use. When you're shopping, focus on finding products and pieces that you'll use or wear time and time again and prioritize quality over quantity. 

Of course, the past few months have been tough for people who have lost their jobs or had their wages cut. If you're trying to save money and live within your means, it's SO beneficial to look for ways to make your money stretch further and these are just a few ideas that I have come up with. Star budgeting, cut down on non-essential purchases, shop around for the best prices and deals and think before you part with your cash. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful in some way!
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