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I have really noticed within the last years how bloody dry my skin gets in the cold seasons, especially on my face. Whatever skincare I choose to use, I always look for natural ingredients and avoid alcohol. It is so commonly known that alcohol dries your skin out and weather you're drinking it or applying it directly into your pores, it will dry it out exactly the same and I have learned a lot about my skin over the years as I have had so many troubles with it but the cold seasons are something else but I have finally found a full routine full of Simple products and these are some of the tips and tricks I've learned along the way. Of course, everybody's skin is different and these won't all work or apply to you and your skin, our skin all work in different ways.

Strip it back: Skincare tips for people who have sensitive skin are often told to keep things very simple and natural as skincare can do the complete total opposite of what you want it to do. Simplifying your skincare routine with products that are made to gently cleanse and refresh your skin such as, The Protecting Light Moisturiser from Simple can gently moisturise and hydrate the skin without drying it out. 

Look after your skin: Several skincare routines involve a lot of rubbing and even scrubbing sometimes which can cause irritation to the skin. Skincare devices, such as Foreo, offer a simple alternative which enables you to know that the product has been sunk into the skin properly and also that your skin is being looked after. 

Hydration: If you know me personally then I can already hear you laughing because we all know how much I love a Pepsi Max, however I have got so much better with drinking more water lately. As silly as it sounds, if you're struggling too then get yourself loads of nice water bottles because it seemed to have really help me! Drinking 2 litres of water each day has the benefits of maximizing physical performance, positive affects on energy levels and brain function, prevents headaches and can aid in weight loss. 

SPF: !!!!!!! Do I need to say anymore? Believe it or not, your skin is constantly being exposed to the harmful effects of UVA and UVB which unfortunately plays the greatest role in the causes of many skin cancers. If you're not using SPF then I would highly advise you to do and I will leave a link here with my drugstore fave!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks post - I am getting back into my little Sunday upload regime but bare with me. I hope you all have a fab rest of your Sunday! x

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